Wearing 11 Cotton Gloves in Summer / Gloves Challenge!! / 大夏天挑战穿11层手套

#Challenge #Gloves #Lifehack #Experiment

Hi, welcome to Eyes Unlocked. We did an interesting challenge today, Wilson used his big hand to wear as many layers of gloves as possible. The result turned out to be 11 maximum layers. It got harder as he put on more, and it’s so uncomfortable. You can challenge us and see if you can make it 12.
大家好,我们今天挑战穿手套。 Wilson想试试一只手最多能穿多少层手套,结果是11层。过程很艰难,穿越多层越难穿,非常不舒服。你也可以试着挑战一下,看看能不能穿下12层。


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  1. Fun video.
    Yeah see if you can make it to 12 Juno. Another challenge idea is if you can wear gloves outside for a full day without taking them off. I find it fascinating that gloves were worn all the time like 60 years ago but can the same be done today with technology being what it is?


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