Waterproof your quad the right way!

The winter is still coming in Germany but brings us really bad weather in terms of flying. Time to waterproof the quad and keep going! In this video I will show you all the steps that are really needed to waterproof your electronics. In short terms: its not enough to spill some conformal coating over your PCB’s. There are some videos out there from really reliable sources, but they mostly do it wrong or incomplete. To get a reliable coating there are a few steps more to do.

Products used in this video:

– Silicone Conformal Coating:
Should be easy to come by in the US but in Europe, specially Germany it is hard to find. There are two options:

Pegasus (Germany) – https://www.racequadgear.de/Silicone-Conformal-Coating-by-MG-Chemicals-30ML
PRAUD (Poland) – http://e-praud.de/MG-CHEMICALS-422B-Silikonhaltiger-Konformschutzuberzug

PRAUD seems to be the official distributor of MG Chemicals in Europe and you can also order the Isopropyl Alcohol from them.

– CorrosionX:
You can order it from eBay for a (still) reasonable price of around 15€ including sending.

– Isopropyl Alcohol, gloves, safety glasses, respirator:
The alcohol is available in any electronics store like Conrad or via eBay. For the gloves you should visit a pharmacy. Respirators and protection glasses should be available in any hardware store. But to be true… I have skipped the respirator and glasses part even while I had them available.

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