Stayin' Safe Advanced Rider Training with Ken Condon

A few weeks ago, I took an advanced riding class with Ken Condon of “Riding in the Zone” fame. Ken is one of the best motorcycle trainers in the country and he is located near me in western Massachusetts. I took his two day “Stayin’ Safe” training tour. The way the class works is that Ken hooks you up to a communication system and provides instruction as you travel some great roads in Western, MA, CT and VT.

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  1. I like staying on the inside not the outside of the road. In Alabama where I'm currently residing lot of potholes are on the right. But if it's a newly paved Road I'm all over the road from side to side of course in my Lane enjoyed the video thank

  2. Excellents videos .. very pedagogic for a long riders. I was checking a lot of your videos in the last 3 days and are reallly valuables to planify a long ride.
    I live in Miami and I am planning to go alone from here to Toronto and from Toronto to Anchorage in Alaska.
    I do not want to do a camping During the ride, I prefer sleep in a hotel.
    Do you think there is some part of that ride that I cant been any hotels?
    Thanks for your great tips .. !!
    Jose Lorenzo

  3. Great video! I'm 17 and hoping to start riding soon, I have my gear ready and been doing a lot of research and also plan to take a riding course. I really like the part where you mention us the pilot being important and investing in knowledge to ride a bike properly I'm gonna definitely order a copy of Riding in the Zone and Motorcycling the Right Way. Now there's a short wait before I get my first bike since I'm saving up for it. Have a cool day and safe riding. 🏍️

  4. I have taken one basic, 3 advance MSF courses and 2 Advance track day classes.  I totally agree with you.  I ridden in about 10 countries and the hazards can be different.   Keep up the great videos. Last time I commented to you was on bike camping tips. Oh yea I was originally from MA and a Boston Bruins fan.  Living out in Utah now! take care

  5. Hmm, interesting stat about the number of fatalities by riders missing a curve.  I've seen stats elsewhere (and I'll try to locate them) that the most common cause of single vehicle serious injury motorcycle caused accidents (as opposed to say, cars turning left in front of us)… is a result of a motorcycle hitting slowing or stopped vehicles ahead of them.  Seeing the stat caused me to extend my distance behind others and always be more aware of needed braking distance.

  6. Craig, its not everyday that you hear the little hill town of Ashfield MA mentioned. Back in my youth I spent many a summer at my grandmothers farm in Ashfield. I was just up there last month enjoying the back roads on my Super T.

    BTW there's an Adventure bike rally coming up July 8-10 in Harrisville, NH. Camp and Ride. Perfect for the Super T.

  7. I have been a professional driver all my life, but I am relatively new to motorcycling. I took professional rider training and it was well worth the cost. Driver/rider training is always a wake up call for all skill and experience levels. We can always improve and also it's a surprise at times to learn a lot of what we forget in time. Over the years as a city transit driver I have been trained with the most elite DDC courses and hazard avoidance training and yet the basic rider training I took three years ago to get my license taught me all sorts of things that were new and beneficial. I stayed away from riding a motorcycle most of my life because of the risks vs. family obligations. Now I have the opportunity to do something I always wanted and training to keep it as safe as possible is a definite priority. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I've often thought about getting the proper training to improve my skills but it seems like there is never enough time because of the work schedule and things to be done at home and all the other excuses I can some up with to not go. But I guess the bottom line is, there is no substitute for skill. As you eluded to, If you're willing to spend thousands on chrome and farkles then you should be willing to spend it on training… I love the word farkles by the way. I'm going to look into training in my area and see what's available.

  9. Great video! I've taken the basic and advanced classes through a local agency twice each over the past eight years. The advanced classes I took were more of the parking lot /closed course kind. Both times were very, very beneficial. I think I'd really enjoy this kind of on-road type of class with real-time and real world conditions and instruction. It's not cheap but with all the distracted driving going on out there if you're gonna ride might as well be as safe as possible.

  10. Did a 3 day at the BMW training centre in SC on a GS to learn dirt control amazing facility amazing course i believe we need to always refresh just for the confident factor- i.e. how to panic stop on pavement and gravel

  11. Thanks for the video. I have to complete a 1 day motorcycle refresher course every 2 years for my job, plus an indoor session we call "mindset". It helps me as a road user regardless of the type of vehicle I'm in charge of. Keep up the good work

  12. I've been on the fence on taking the class.. I'm mostly concerned with dropping my bike when pushing myself in the class. I've sat on the side of the road watching the local class by me. Seen MANY brand new 15k plus bikes get dropped… Ugh I don't want to do that to my Tenere.


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