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Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Slime Moto Spair Tire Repair Kit for Motorcycle and Scooter Tires. The kit’s going to combine your sealant and an inflator which is going to allow you to repair and inflate tires in just a few minutes. On the packaging it’s going to indicate that it takes about 4 minutes to inflate and about 15 minutes to repair. Nice compact design, allows for easy storage. This can easily fit into your saddlebag or small storage compartment. Storage case is included.

Before we really go into detail about all the different components that it comes with, just want to go over some measurements. It’s going to measure about 7 and a half inches by 7 and a half inches, and the thickness is going to measure anywhere from 2 and a half inches to 3 inches thick depending on how you have it packed. We’re going to open up the case and take each item out and then we’ll talk about each item individually for a few minutes. We’ll set the storage case to the side. First thing I want to talk about is going to be the actual slime sealant. This is designed to seek out, repair punctures up to a quarter inch in size.

It’s going to use fiber seal technology, that’s simply just some microfibers in the formula that are carried by the escaping air to the punctured area. At that point they’re going to build up to form a plug that’s going to stop air loss. This has a non-toxic and non-corrosive design, making it safe for tires and rims, as well as for the environment. It can easily be cleaned up with water. The instructions are going to be printed directly on the label, and above the label there’s going to be a small chart that indicate how much slime to use depending on your application. This is made in the USA and product performance is guaranteed for 2 years.

It’s going to have a hose so that way you can easily connect it when you’re ready to use it and get it pumped into your tire. This right here is going to be your valve core removal tool. It’s going to be attached to a different cap. This is the cap that you would use when you’re ready to attach it to the hose. You replace the black cap with this cap and it’s got the nice little narrow end on here, that way you can slide the hose over there.

Again, this is just designed to used when you’re actually ready to pump this in or squeeze it into your tire. The black piece that’s attached to that cap is going to be the valve core removal tool. It’s nice that they include that, makes the installation process much easier. It’s going to come with your manual, it’s going to come with a pencil tire gauge that’s going to read 10 to 50 PSI. It’s got a connection chain on there, that way you can easily connect it to your key-chain. Then right here this is going to be your tire inflator. A nice small compact design, plenty of ventilation on it so it doesn’t overheat. In the manual it’s going to indicate the actual run time that you can use this at, like a continual run time. It’s also going to indicate how much time to allow between use, that way it can properly cool off and you can double check to make sure that you’re not overheating the unit. It’s got a simple on and off switch, allows for ease of use. This right here is going to be the hose that connects the inflator to the tire. This right here is going to be the power wire; it’s got a plug on the end of it, it’ll allows that to connect to any of the 3 power wire adapters that are included with the kit. Looks like it has plenty of length when it comes to the wiring. Really nice design though, because no matter what you have, as far as convenience goes, this can really plug into any situations. This one right here is going to be a 14 inch adapter that’s going to connect it to an accessory outlet. This one right here is going to be a 14 inch adapter that’s going to connect the unit to a battery using 2 small alligator clips. This one right here is a 14 inch extension adapter that’s going to connect it to the posts on the battery. It’s got the ring inaudible 00:04:01 on there. Now on each adapter, the fuse is already on pre-wired in; it’s included that way you don’t have to mess with that. Whatever adapter you choose to use, simply plug it in to the plug right here on the inflator and that’s going to run power to the your inflator. Couple notes that I need to mention is that the sealant is for temporary repair only; so after using the slime, you want to have your tire professionally repaired as soon as possible. Here on the b


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