My Harley-Davidson Heated Grips Broke! What You Should Know!

I have had my Harley heated grips on my 2014 Street Glide Special for about 4 1/2 years now. They have worked great thus far and are still technically working & heating. However, the throttle side of my Harley heated grips recently started too separate. Basically, there is an inner plastic shaft and the actual outer grip is then attached to that. The outer portion of the Harley heated grip started sliding outward and off of the inner body. I have to assume that this is glued and it started sliding off over time. I tried pounding it back together with hammers, but that didn’t work so I had to replace the entire throttle side Harley heated grip with a new one. In this video, I share some very important information and tips and trick you’ll want to know about Harley heated grips.







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  1. Exact same happened to mine a few weeks ago. They are 8 months old, and HD will warranty them. It’s a major disappointment. A bit of google searching shows that this has been a problem for years. Mine slid almost all the way off before I noticed. Major safety issue. There should be a class action lawsuit.

  2. My 2014 Ultra Limited came with the rubber heated grips and the rubber started separating. To solve I ended up removing the rubber from the heated sleeve by very carefully cutting it off. I got a nice leather scrap from a local leather store and cut it to the right size. Used some strips of 3M mounting tape and stitched the seam. It was tedious but looks pretty good and heat works well. The diameter of the grips is a little smaller, closer to non-heated rubber grips so good if you have smaller hands. I don’t have small hands but it’s still pretty comfortable.

  3. I have a question does anyone else have one grip get hotter than the other? I used laser temp checker and I had a 10 to 15 degree difference which one hand would be comfortable and the other burning up or one comfortable and other hand cold

  4. Best heated grips I’ve ever used is the Oxford Heated grips. Mine have 4settings. I have had them on all my bikes. Cruisers, sport bikes and Adventure touring bikes. I have ridden over 400,000km with these Oxford Heated grips and never had a problem.
    A buddy of mine had those HD heated grips on his 2016 SGS and they also broke and he had to buy another set. I find from watching him buy products for his Harley that almost all Harley products are inferior to the aftermarket scene.
    Keep up the great videos

  5. Love your videos Ryan, keep up the good work! I'm gonna have to disagree with you on something – my experience is Harley parts are leaps and bounds better than aftermarket pieces. They always fit perfectly and the quality is flawless 100% of the time. Perhaps I've been purchasing the wrong aftermarket brands?

  6. Love your channel and videos but I find it a little funny that you give Harley a hard time about not being able to buy just one grip when you do the same thing with your phone gripper by not selling the mounts separate from the gripper. Just saying. 🙂

  7. I have exact same grips and exact same issue for over a yr. been on bike 3-4 years. I learned if i crank heat up and get them hot, I can slowly rotate “Willie” into position and push it back on closing that gap. I finally took time to heat grip up and slide it NOT completely off but just far enough for wires to remain plugged in. I then used a gel superglue on the large gap (abt 1inch showing at this stage). I then slowly slid grip back on and into position. Been 3 months and thousands of miles and hasn’t moved yet.

  8. Ryan, If the plug on the right grip comes unplugged from the lack of the high speed electrical tape, will that cause me to lose heat in both grips or just the right side? Mine haven't worked in a few years but i never knew there was a plug inside there… I don't know how I missed your other heated grip video…
    Thanks for the video, brother!

  9. My '17 Ultra Limited came with the basic heated grips. In 2018, my kids got me an upgraded heated grip set for Father's Day, and yes, I had them installed at the dealership. I agree, they are a blessing on those cold mornings as I use my bike for commuting. The one thing I've noticed is the power control on the left side isn't as positive as the original, but it works OK. Thanks for publishing these install videos for the DIY folks out there that don't want to pay the install tax. Now….. heated seat????

  10. I ride an 09 streetglide in Canada and heated grips are required. Went through 3 sets in 2 years. The last set I checked all the obvious stuff no luck. Gave up. Couple years go by and driving along turned on the switch and they worked. Been fine for about 5 yrs now. I stuffed a couple foam ear plugs in the end to stop that plug from coming out. And you are right you need to keep your Willy pointing the right way at all times.

  11. Yes ..heated grips are a must, as well as heated seat! [love mine] on my 07 Ultra…makes for safer and comfortable riding .. in any real cold/cool weather, plus add wind chill factor !!! Brrrrr….as you said Ryan…keep your core body/brain temp. warm..,makes for good concentration of the traffic and constantly hazardous road condition's! ,PS could you have warmed them up on bike , on max. and pushed them back and let em' cool down for reuse a while,I used OXFORD to retrofit on mine , and on LHS only… will slip if a bit if on max to long,[1+hr] mmmm the glue is the culprit as said… cheers from Ryan o OZZ

  12. I wonder if you didn't put that grip in a press and slowly press it if it would slowly slide on. Might be air pressure that is keeping it from being hammered down. It kills me to spend money on something that I already have.

  13. What size tape ball did you use? I found a 9/36" generic tape ball at the hardware store. The owner kinna smiled and charged me only $45 for it. That's almost HALF that the guy at Harley was gonna charge!

  14. I just installed heated grips on my 19 RGS and it was one of the easiest thing I have ever done. With the new kits you don’t have to go all the way to the battery to plug into power and ground. Behind the speedo/tach cluster there is a power plug and a ground plug specifically for heated grips that you plug the left side grip into. The right side grip goes on the same as all the previous versions.

  15. Damn I'm the first, Ry Ry I have a 2012 FLHTK with stock grips and my S-IT has stayed put. It's them Damn Willie G grips that's the problem. Keep pumping out the content. Freddie_ray from Las Vegas, NV. Been watching since you were a chubby fu_ker chasing the rear tire. Say hello to Buddy…Would love to contribute, but life has me by the NUTS….


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