MANDATORY MODS! DR-Z400 Kickstand Switch Bypass – Suzuki DRZ (Read update in Video Details on diode)

***UPDATE*** I had someone recently bring up the issue that there is a diode (restricts electrical current to one-way travel) in the actual switch and that by removing the physical switch like I do in this video you can put the CDI (constant discharge ignition) box at risk. Well….yes and no… By shorting the wires together and eliminating the diode in the kickstand switch the system could run back to ground through the CDI….HOWEVER….it would first depend on a failure of multiple points (probably including failures of the diodes located INSIDE the kickstand realy up near the headlight) and make the path to ground shortest back through the CDI box, and the chance of that happening is really miniscule. There are LOTS of threads hashing this out to death, I’ll list a few below if you want some late night reading, but the general consensus after thousands of people have simply removed the kickstand switch (with the diode in it) and jumpered the wires together is that it has no adverse affects on the system (or CDI).
Articles that talk about the diode:
This guy even wired in a diode after removing the switch:

I personally have about 10,000 miles and many years on my mod the way I do it in the video and it’s fine. I’ve analyzed the electrical schematic and all the threads on the topic (I’ve got a pretty good grasp of this stuff) and I personally think that the diode in the switch isn’t necessary after the switch is removed. But do whatever you are comfortable with, I’m just providing the information I’ve found.

How to bypass, delete, and/or eliminate the kickstand safety switch found on the DR-Z400 series motorcycles.
Link to my video on bypassing the clutch lever switch:


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  1. Thanks for sharing….My clutch safety switch just gave me some problems…bike would not start
    etc….Thank God I was able to locate the problem….My next project will be the clutch & the kick stand
    bypass….to make things safer !!!

  2. While this method certainly works, another method is to prevent the switch from activating. I created a small "bracket" that bolts up with the two switch mounting bolts that keeps the switch in the depressed position. The kickstand can now bounce around (a legitimate concern) without the switch stopping the engine. (I have a picture of mine…how do I post it?)


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