LTR My R1200GSA | Ep. 3 | Crossing The Great Salt Lake

My Learning To Ride series is just me sharing my journey of my early days of being a motorcycle rider, and learning the ins and outs of on and off road travel with my BMW R1200GS Adventure. At 39 years old, having never been a motorcyclist until recently, I jumped on the bike of my dreams and set out for adventure while learning everything from the ground up on arguably the biggest brute of an adventure bike that one can ride! So far it’s been a breeze and I have zero regrets for choosing the BMW or the 1200 GSA for what I’ve set out to do. If you’re on the fence about which bike is for you and you’re considering the R1200 or 1250 GSA, perhaps this series will give someone some confidence that these machines are quite tame and easy to learn on while giving a new rider confidence by being stacked with riding and safety features while leaving no desire for more power! Stay tuned as I figure this whole thing out and I hope you get stoked too!

In this third episode I take the bike across the dike road towards Promontory Mountain to test the gravel road riding capabilities and develop my techniques.


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