Local organization working to fight child abuse

Reported by: Kerri Corrado
Written by: WJAC Web Staff

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. ‚€œ One local organization whose mission is to help strengthen families is now aiding in the fight against child abuse.

Beginnings in Johnstown is teaming up with the Front Porch Project to help communities see signs of abuse and know how to handle it.

This project is going to teach people how to approach the situation and stop it before it becomes worse.

‚“There is a huge problem out there and its because of all of the stressors on the families,‚ said Paula Eppley-Newman, executive director of Beginnings.

Stressors such as money being tight and unemployment are some average problems families could be dealing with.

These stressors, in some cases, could lead to child abuse.

Beginnings also has a program called Parents as Teachers.

Kristen Cillarrial makes visits to families acting as a parent coach.

She said programs are not based around one demographic.

‚“We look at the family issues that they are facing and work on the goals together,‚ said Cillarrial. ‚“It‚„s very empowering.‚

Beginnings will be sending their staff to Harrisburg to get more training in this project.

Anyone who is looking for more information on these programs can contact Beginnings in Johnstown.


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