Bikers hold fundraiser for fellow rider and fa

ORANGE-by Kara Dixon They traveled from all around the region, some as far away as Jennings, Louisiana, to support a fellow biker. On April 20,2014, Ken Tolman’s wife, Ramona, was killed in a motorcycle accident that also left her daughter in a wheelchair. Tim Martin is Ken’s friend. He organized a fundraiser for the Tolman family to help cover medical expenses for the daughter. “He’s part of our family. He is our brother,” Martin said. Martin and his wife,Teresa, started planning the event shortly after Ramona’s death in April. The event today included live music, auctions, and food. Dozens of friends and fellow bikers turned out to support the family. Adam Pope, a friend of Ken, did not meet the Tolmans until the day of the accident. He pulled up to the scene shortly after it occurred. “We stopped because that’s what good people are supposed to do,” Pope said. While he’s stopped to help other accidents before, Pope said he had never seen one of that magnitude before. “You don’t see those everyday and I hope I don’t see one again,” he said. Teresa Martin is a friend of the Tolmans. She says she has lost other friends to motorcycle accidents. “The wrecks are not that often but when they do come, they really, really are crushing,” she said. Martin says the Tolmans were shocked by the number of people attending the fundraiser. “We’re a little surprised, but we’re happy at the s


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