What is the point of the kickstand safety switch?

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  1. We had a customer from our gear shop die when he was leaving on a group ride with this.
    Took a right turn out of a parking lot, and when he straightened up the kickstand dug the ground. Bucked the bike up and the guy went into the back of a parked car at 7mph
    No helmet (of course)

  2. good tip !

    and always check and make sure that the connections are clean, so that it can get the full amperage required for it to not
    give your display a false reading. . . . [ wires do corrode causing low amperage ] to fix that use die-electric grease or paste to waterproof and protect the wires and connections.

  3. My 1982 Yamaha XT550 dual sport side stand switch failed.It cut out for for a split second, then came back on . This caused the bike to wheelie. I almost looped the bike. Later a Yamaha XT 600 had the switch fail at high speed on the freeway.Almost got ran over. Honda back in the 70's, had a rubber tab that if the stand was left down, would catch on pavement, and retract. My Victory Cross Country has a rubber sleeve on the stand that if left down, catches the road and swings up.

  4. I had a GSXR1000 that cut off on me going down the road. Turns out my kick stand return spring broke which allowed the kick stand to fall and make contact with the pavement. In order to get home I ended up tying the kickstand to the frame of my bike with one of my shoe strings.

    It’s a horrible idea to disable this safety feature because your next turn could be your last.

  5. To make sure its in neutral before you put side stand on and let go of clutch as if youve got a false neutral its going to jolt your bike forward of the stand and damage bike

  6. When I took the msf course through HD I left the kickstand down and was riding around – I didn't know what the scraping noise was – I thought I was going to fail over it, but I've been riding a year and a half since then, never happened again.

  7. All my scooters have them disconnected. I've hit the kickstand a few dozen times and it just wakes me up. My cruiser has a working switch and I would never chance it.

  8. I had issues with the safety switch on my 04 Volusia but I discovered the source of the real problem was a worn kickstand retaining bolt allowing the kickstand to bounce around randomly killing the engine


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