Top 5 Jumping Mistakes on a Dirt Bike – Most Common Problems & Solutions!!

It’s time to improve your dirt bike jumping game!! The Mx Factory aims to help make you safer and faster in the air by showing you 5 very common jumping mistakes. We also give you the solution so you can practice and get better at this amazing sport. We address these 5 issues in this video:

1) Improper Throttle Delivery
2) Improper Balance Position
3) Sitting or Standing at the Wrong Time
4) Improper Landing
5) Not Knowing the Jump Face

Check out our HOW TO JUMP PROPERLY video for full explanations of jumping techniques:

Let us know which tips and corrections work best for you in the comments below!

The Mx Factory is a premier motocross training facility located in Austin, Tx. We teach first time dirt bike riders to aspiring professional racers. We love what we do!

Now we are excited to bring our years of coaching and riding experience to YouTube to make you a better, safer, dirt bike rider.






Ride safe and thanks for watching!!
Your friends at The Mx Factory

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Motorcycle riding is inherently dangerous. This video was filmed on a closed course with a professional rider with years of riding and teaching experience. The Mx Factory and all related personnel are not to be held responsible for any injury resulting from attempting these techniques.
The bottom line is wear safety gear, take it slow, have fun, and consult a riding coach when necessary.
The bottom bottom line, DON’T BE DUMB.


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  1. This advice for new riders like myself that just started jumping do not rush go at your own pace not somebody's else's pace that's how you get hurt and don't rush your friends let them do there pace

  2. I used to be really cocky and jump whatever I came across without even seeing what the landing was like. Broke my back twice (no spinal injury thankfully) but lifelong vertebrae and disc damage from age 13 (31 now)… It may seem like it's common sense, but I'm not an idiot, when you're riding and having a great time your common sense sort of just leaves you, and you're running on "well this is awesome… What could go wrong?" Ideology. Always learn the track or terrain you're riding on… Both times I got seriously hurt it was because I WAY overshot a jump and landed really hard.

  3. Tyler, MX Factory has bar none the most useful tutorials on Youtube. Would it be possible to make a video on side to side bike control in the air? For example correcting for when your bike kicks sideways off a face or when it’s being pushed by a cross wind? It seems like there are a gazillion videos on controlling fore and aft bike pitch, but very little on side to side correction.

  4. There are a few more differences comparing 4 stroke to 2 stroke when jumping. One of them that I noticed was the 4 stroke would nose dive in the air from the fly wheel & compression , almost caused me to wreck going over the bar's. Lol
    On a 2 stroke jumps that you hit carrying speed into the lip & not gassing at all off the face the bike will stay level , do that on a 4 stroke & the front end will dive down.

  5. Hello. I’m an older guy getting back into dirt bikes for fun. I’m a big guy. 350lbs. 6’4”. I have a KTM 450 sx-f. Beefed up my spring per my weight. Right now I’m just doing trails and farting around. Nothing major. I guess my question at my size should I even try to be jumping? I use to a lot back in the day so I know how but I wasn’t as heavy. ??? Worry about if the bike can handle it.

  6. What kinda face of a jump do you recommend for people trying to learn short ones or ones with a long one i was trying one on a short one and i feel the back suspension buck me alittle when i land


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