To End Violence, Make People Feel Safe.

Thom talks about American history and why people turn to violence when they feel like they have no economic security.

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  1. How safe can homeless people feel when it is a criminal offense just to be homeless? Where are all the "progressives" when it comes to ending these discriminatory laws??? Where are all the "progressive" media in educating people about homelessness?? Why don't OUR lives matter?

  2. I grew up with a great deal of white privilege. One of the things that I've never heard said is that we shouldn't want to take away "white privilege." We should be using that for the standard of how everyone should be treated. It never gets put this way, but my privilege of being treated kindly by police when I get pulled over, that should be the standard for everyone. Everyone should have access to education and nutrition and health. I'm not sure that for some white people who aren't "woke," as the kids say, that that isn't a better message. We don't want to take anything wonderful away from you; we just want everyone to have wonderful things too.

  3. Oh, Thom, the picture you paint of American life in the 60s and 70s was not experienced by everyone who was lucky enough to be born white. I had a stay at home mother who laid in bed all day reading Ayn Rand's books and a gun loving father who worked as a bullying small town cop. It was hell. Both were drug addicts and active alcoholics. They used their kids like we were free and disposable servants. No preparation was made for our futures. All we were expected to do was get out of their house ( they enjoyed free housing on generous acreage, courtesy of a sympathetic grandmother ) the day we turned 18. It wasn't "legal" for us to leave a day sooner than that, so we were captives of 2 selfish and abusive slave owners until that time. The fact that they bred their own slaves should come as no surprise. It's been commonly done since the 1600s in America. They were just enjoying their rights as free white Americans, never minding the costs to others while enjoying all the entitlements given to white suburban parents and police officers. Cruelty to "others" is the long established American way. If it ain't YOU, its someone other, right? The rise of Trump shows us how much some whites want all that 50s, 60s and 70s authoritarian nostalgia to make a comeback, now. God help our kids. American people will not.


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