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In this video I give various tips on how to manage the wind when riding your motorcycle. I encourage riders to ride towards the middle of the lane in case you get blown to one side or the other, you have the rest of the lane to deal with it. Also, be ready to hold constant pressure on the handlebars if you’re dealing with a steady wind from the side. Either way, be ready to be blown around a bit.


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  1. Eddie – greetings from across the water from a first-time bike owner! I watched this video a few months ago, and then riding home the other night there was a horrible wind, very high, lots of gusts, coming from different directions. The first blow hit me, and I immediately heard your voice, and this video, and those instructions…! You helped me through a scary ride home, so thanks for that.

  2. Thanks, but how do you deal with a the backward pushing force of winds developed by your speed on a normal day?  I ride a cruiser, with no windshield, and don't really want one, is their a way to minimize the rush of speed generated wind against my face (half-helmet) and chest?

  3. Nice tip for wind riding, we have a lot of wind here on the west coat of South Africa, Saldanha. PS why are the helmets on the seats of the bikes and not where Fast Eddie have said it must be…Just Joking…

  4. hehe nice video leaning in straight line aint fun, i dealt with wind in siberia,mongolia, kazakstan and the worst was near chechnya, going into EU and back to the states everything is easy peasy. going into chechnya..i lost 2 indicator lights, got escort for 300 km's where i rode into oncoming traffic side by side with the private citizen escort car haha at 80 kph (50 mph) because my bike wouldnt go faster. When oncoming traffic came, i had to go back in my lane and bike cant go faster than 50 kph(30mph). Very strong winds. its like someone is constantly pushing you and letting go. on my 250cc


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