Board of County Commissioners: Regular Meeting – 07.17.19

Welcome to the Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting – 07.17.19

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[00:03:00] AWARD: Sam Piazza
[00:12:00] AWARD: Parks and Recreation Month
[00:19:00] AWARD: Hispanic Radio Stations
[00:28:00] PROCLAMATION: Minority Enterprise Development Days
[00:35:00] Changes to Agenda
[00:39:00] Public Comment
[01:28:00] Consent Agenda
[01:29:00] ITEM D-1: Affordable Housing Services – Proposed Program Year 2019 Annual Action Plan
[01:31:00] ITEM D-2: Development Services – School Concurrency Agreement with the School Board and RHICAS, LLC
[01:31:00] ITEM D-3: Development Services – School Concurrency Agreement with School Board and Eisenhower Property Group
[01:32:00] ITEM D-4: Solid Waste – Non-Ad Valorem Disposal & Collection Assessment Rates & Fees
[01:42:00] ITEM F-5: Commissioner Item – Intern Positions with the Hands On Vocational Explorations Program
[01:56:00] ITEM F-4: Commissioner Item – Transit Surtax Ordinance
[02:43:00] C-1: County Administrator – FY 20 Recommended Budget
[03:51:33] Break for Lunch
[04:46:00] G-1: Engineering and Operations – Transportation Program 10 Year Plan
[05:47:00] F-6: Commissioner Item – Hillsborough County Voluntary Special Needs Registry
[05:50:00] B-4: Management & Budget – Resolution Authorizing Issuance of the County’s General Obligation Refunding Bonds
[05:58:00] F-3: Commissioner Item – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Sustainability Certification
[06:07:00] B-7: Clerk of the Circuit Court – County Audit Report 365, Covanta Agreement – Energy Recovery Services
[06:09:00] B-1: Capital Programs – Transportation Grant Agreement between Hillsborough and Plant City
[06:10:00] B-2: Children’s Services – Subcontract Renewal Statement with Eckerd Youth Alternatives
[06:12:00] B-5: Procurement Services – Agreement for Construction of 2 Consolidated and Hardened Maintenance Facilities
[06:14:00] B-6: Solid Waste – Modification to the Agreement ITB-S-0299-0-2012/JSW
[06:17:00] Commissioner Item – Board Appointments


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