When is a motorcycle tire unsafe?

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  1. Not only do you have two inches of crap…flat spot on tire….when you lean, you have merely fractions of an inch until you get beyond that “shelf edge”…..scary slip, at best….loss of traction into a dangerous slide at worst. My two cents.

  2. Becareful going through toll booths because that's where oil lays from cars and trucks leaking. Its slick as hell especially when its raining. Just a thought.

  3. Ride it until the strings wear away, There's a new tire hiding underneath the old one. Industry secret, that's why you pay SO MUCH to get a new motorcycle tire…..

  4. Man…I just discovered your channel some days ago and watched your latest videos since then. It's really clear that you like doing this and that you like talking about bikes and everything what has to do with it. The only thing that I had to mention is that you never solve the "mistery" described in the titles. In this case, instead of talking about all the cases in which a tire is not anymore safe, like age, uneaven profile, rips, holes etc., you spent almost all the video talking about the symptoms of a flat weared tire…I think it would be better if you would choose the titles more wisely regarding of what you're going to say or focus more on the subject described by the title. Ride safe!

  5. Good Video, I do have a follow up question. My bike is a 2012 Suzuki C50t my tires are the original set. I bought the bike used about a year ago. The tires only have 5,000 miles on them but will be 6 years old in early April (based on the tire's Mfr. code). They appear to be in good condition, plenty of tread, no dry rot or cracking, have maintained there shape. I have had two bike shops tell me no the tires should be fine. But I am concerned based on their age….what do you recommend?

  6. My personal favorite are pilot power 2ct….. What a fantastic gripy rubber with so much feel, they are like Trojan extacy condoms for your motorcycle, all the feeling and all the safety

  7. Also watch out for tar snakes- the black patches to fill cracks in the pavement. If you really wait too long, the tire cords start to show and the tire becomes less round and feels terrible while riding, greatly increasing crash chances (learned the hard way). Shinko tires are likely false economy- they wear out so much faster you likely save money and crash damage costs by getting Michelin tires. Same for Chinese batteries dead after maybe a year and a half, instead of longer lasting Yuasa batteries.

  8. What if you don't have much wear because the bike isn't rode often and there is no splitting on the side walls or noticeable rot, is there a point when a tire should be changed because of age?


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