How To Waterproof a Garmin Nuvi, for Motorcycles

This video will show you how to make any Garmin Nuvi waterproof for use on a motorcycle, both Dual Sporting and Adventure Bike Riding. More Info at:


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  1. Hello Kevin
    Thanks for the video . You clearly use the garmin 1490 for your motorcycle navigation – i also have a 1490 but it wont pair up to a bluetooth headset – so i cant use the audio wirelessly.
    My question is how have you overcome this problem – or do you just take the audio directions from the other satnav device on the bike?
    Mark .

  2. Very nice. Just found an old NUVI I had laying around that I installed on my bike and used your trick to waterproof. I usually don't ride in the rain but got caught in some on my way home and no issues at all. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the video. I did this for my old unit and it worked GREAT. It even held-up on a cross-country ride where I rode in pretty steady rain for 2.5 days ! I am going to try shrink wrap next – if that doesnt work I will go with this tried and true method

  4. Kevin, What made me try it was the hose test at the end. Bought a Nuvi58 and followed your instruction. Road 8 hours in a downpour. It worked perfectly. Thanks for taking the time to share your idea. A very elegant, easy on the pocket tip.

  5. I brought mu nevi with me to Maui where I used it in my rental cars as well as the H-D Ultra that I rented. It didn't rain on me, but the shaking of the bike caused the GPS to fry it's little brain. Now I'm back home it's working again, but if you use it one one of those paint mixer motorcycles, you might also see the screen reduce itself to a series of horizontal lines!

  6. Excellent idea….. You sir are a genius. I have 2 Zumos (550, 660LM Road Tech) I have well over a grand tied up into both of them. I have a Nuvi in my car and always wondered how it would hold up on the bike but never had the guts to do what you just did in 5 minutes.
    Thank You!!!

  7. Good start and possibly OK when behind a fairing but mine sits out in the breeze and isn't far off vertical. The other points of ingress, ie the top switch (newer ones have a rubber button so OK), the mic, speaker and SD card slots really need blocking, I use insulating tape. The horrible USB socket is still a problem though. I would silicone in a permanent connection but then be stuck for data transfer so in the meantime its the good ol' ziplock bag when it rains.

  8. Pretty good tip, I got another. Simply set your directions and put the gps in a sandwich bag. Cut a small hole for the charging cable, pull the excess plastic and zip tie past the plastic on the cable.


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