3 Simple Rules to Stay Alive on a Motorcycle / Motorcycle Survival Training Episode 1

When riding your motorcycle, recognize situations where you feel confident, and where you feel anxious. From there, you will know where you need training.
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How To Ride A Motorcycle
how to ride a motorcycle for beginners


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Comment (31)

  1. I think your speed is highly mitigating factor in how comfortable you are in any maneuver a person should most often slow down to improve confidence. You make a really good great video

  2. 50 years of riding competition,TRIALS ,FLATTRACK,etc…down to a 71BSA A65L,02WIDE GLIDE. YOU'VE Helped so many ride safely. Thanks for not only new riders but also helping guys like me explain basics,the when where's and why's to newbies without sounding condescending.

  3. I've seen about 5-7 of your videos in the last 2-3 weeks and this one has been my favorite. Thank you! Please know your videos are helping the Motorcycle culture. Subbing

  4. Just started using the highway with my 1987 Honda Rebel 250. I had to do the highway the first day I had my bike and I was white knuckle all day. This morning I was more confident. Still don't like how light my bike is on the highway. I need to learn the quality of the roads. I trust my bike but not the road.

  5. Man did my first day of a msf course so worth it! Had a great time learned a lot made some friends as well, I’ve been riding like I know many in my area with just a permit and I decided to finally go legal and go this route and it’s made a vast Improvement on my riding and made it more enjoyable for me as a rider!

  6. Another thing to consider is mountain slides, not just the turns. Before you take Nikki up the mountain, slowly, probably take her to a gravel road, let her get the feel of that, or friend with dirt bike. You can avoid debris, but being surprised is worse than having never done it.

  7. I don't know if you saw my comment on the livestream yesterday but I got ran off the road by a huge truck on a VTX 1300 and I just started riding two weeks ago. they took a huge wide right turn coming towards me and took up my entire Lane so I had to go down through the ditch jump the road back into the other ditch and came to a stop after a few hundred feet. Bike truck and I are all good except I'm sore as hell.

  8. Just got my first bike, rode her home from the dealership yesterday and rode into work today. Your videos, tips and instructions helped me out quite a bit. Love your content, and congratz on the 100k subs. Thanks so much, and keep cruisng!


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