The Penny Farthing Bike Race (1928) | British Pathé

Men race ‘Penny Farthing’ bikes, aka ‘boneshakers’, around a track in this quirky footage from 1928 in Herne Hill, London.

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(FILM ID:742.18)
Item title reads – “The Penny Farthing Bike.” C. J. Bowtle retains the Challenge Cup for one mile race on the old fashioned “boneshaker”. Herne Hill, London.

M/S as the men race around on their Penny Farthings. M/S of them at the starting line with men supporting them. Various shots as Bowtle speeds around the course with the others. M/S of Bowtle on his Penny Farthing bicycle. M/S of him stood by it.

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  1. Doubt its fake…. Most filming in 1928 had no sound recording and these riders were not running your 175mm cranks. They are very short cranks spinning fast as possible and also this enables the rider to have better stability and the biggest front wheel possible. Im a believer until proven that this is fake. If this winner here is a fake, then what is Richie Porte to you? Technically i dont think these were refereed to as 'Boneshakers'. Pennies have plenty of flex too. Great Film find. Love it ! History is almost all lost in aging memories


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