Lower Rent by $14,000 usd in 3 Years Time | Top Tip Reduce Rent in Mexico

Learn the secret to a low rent, enjoyable apartment of your liking in Mexico. Save $14,000 usd over a 3 year period and maintain low rent in Mexico. #apartmentsinmexico #retireinmexico #movingtomexico

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  1. Probably going to get a ton of hate responses. But I'm going to ask anyway. I'm a divorced guy. If I move there in a few years, do the locals ever mix with expats for dating and possible marriage. Thanks in advance

  2. The biggest danger to Americans is if you lease/rent at an amount close or at your limit in dollars, if the exchange rate changes you could be in trouble. 10 years ago the exchange rate was 13 pesos to the dollar, now its 19 pesos, this could change and go back, your rent will change.

  3. Cindy: you are a natural educator! I so much enjoy your patience and your energy in helping so many people understand your lifestyle and how it can benefit everyone! Keep it up!!

  4. Very informative. I really like The Lord's supper. When I was a child this was always displayed in my grandmother's home as well as our home. God bless you and your family. 🙏✝️🙋

  5. Your patience with the picky Americans is admirable, Cindy. I would love to live in any one of the properties in your videos. Thanks for your concern and all the many hours you spend on producing these wonderful videos for us. It makes considering moving to Mexico more of a reality for me. Thanks, again!

  6. On Key West, FL, people say that painting your house is inviting the tax man. I"d love to fix up my own place, but I wonder if once you get it all nice if the landlord would then raise your rent to what he could get for it if you moved out. I should do a blog post on how to fix up your apartment where you can enjoy it but return it right back to its original state when you leave.

  7. Nice video. Very thought provoking. I agree on living with the Mexicans rather than an expat location with 2 or 3x the housing and other costs. What gives me pause is the idea of spending x thousands of pesos to improve my landlord'r's property with flooring, paint, a/c etc ( beyond the furniture which would be mine) and he could then kick me out at the end of the lease and either sell it at preemo price or just rent it out at a higher rate to someone else. Maybe a 5 year lease at that ultra low rent with only annual inflation adjustments for the landlord might make that a bit safer bet but it would still need a good degree of trust in a stranger (the landlord) whose interests and incentives are mostly the opposite of mine. Plus there is the risk that I move in to my refinished dream home and find the neighbors are horribly noisy or some other terrible invisible problem exists that will plague me for the duration of my life there. At least with a 6-12 mo conventional lease I could move on without choosing between living longer term a bad place or walking away from a big renovation investment. Yes, I know those renovation costs would be much cheaper there than in the USA but if I am on a budget close to Mexican income levels than it is still a steep investment. Providing your own furniture and saving on rent is definitely a winner for me though. I will look forward to your part 2 video ideas and the tour of these places. Thanks for stirring my mental juices.

  8. I am so totally in agreement- life and home is what you make of it – Thank you! PS fellow Americans please don’t move to Mexico or any other country with a snooty attitude- embrace the people, culture and be grateful!

  9. Great video as always! Americans are so foolish with money and love to throw it around and live on credit. No need to carry around the US lifestyle and maintain that same lifestyle when you can live in paradise for near pennies on the dollar. Awesome!

  10. Thanks for another great video Cindy. I enjoy your enthusiasm for sharing the benefits of life in Mexico especially for those that face financial challenges.

  11. Yay — another video! Just want to give you a little EXTRA appreciation now, for your devotion to carrying on with your good work 😊. I hope you felt buoyed by all the loving support and feedback you received from people today, on your earlier video! 😊 Hugs and blessings!

  12. Thanks for the reminder not to rush into furnishing my home!!! The furniture in that condo was definitely not my taste yet had I moved forward in getting it, I would have been stuck with it along with a higher rent. At least with the unfurnished house I got, I have rent low enough to allow me to travel and see the rest of Mexico. And over time it’ll furnished to my comfort and joy…. like you said. And the best part, I have a patio for gardening!


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