How to Tie down your Motorcycle (the right Way) Tank Straps

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  1. love your videos and i still believe in this method but i just did this for a 60 mile tow with my 15 dyna and about 30 miles after unloading it my fork seal blew. The front wheel did turn a little bit so i wonder if the added pressure was too much on that side while the suspension worked down the road. I was pulling down at about 60 deg angle and have seen you do it with more side pull than i had so my only explanation is that the bike shifted and i should have secured the wheel better.

  2. Did the trailer come with that rail system where u can move the tie down rings? Or is that something I can buy? I bought the straps but like someone said in another post my rings are at weird places in my trailer and I feel like I might be pulling on the forks to much

  3. I did a 1000 Miles with them straps my bike didn’t budge! Only had two on the forks. For the hell of it I put Basic straps on the back of the bike those broke off three hours into the trip. I would recommend tank straps to anybody.

  4. My two cents: I like the idea, but there are few caviats. First you are relying solely on the bolts that supporting the fender. I don't know you, but relying my entire bike weight on those four bolts is not for me. Plus not all bikes can be towed like that. I agree is a great addition but if I'm tying down the wheel one better use the actual rim which has more structural integrity. Again just my two cents.
    And I transport big motorcycles on a regular basis.

  5. I would run a strap from one side to the other over the Main Motorcycle seat . Put a towel on the seat if you think the seat may get damaged from the strap. My straps are the very wide yellow cargo type straps. Their twice as wide as what is used in this video. ( Better safe than sorry ). This will keep the Motorcycle from flipping up and over if the Tow Vehicle hits something real hard. Also make sure you lock your Motorcycle steering with the front wheel straight. This will also help keep the bike from scissoring and falling over.

  6. Ok so I ordered the straps last night. Gonna be here tomorrow it says. Anyhow, I’ve got a Streetglide with front and rear air ride and and MRI electric center stand. How would I strap it down? Thanks

  7. You made an all new one of these how to wrongly load a motorcycle videos?

    The middle of the forks probable the worst place to ratchet strap too. Forks are not designed to have constant pull forward and outward. Pulling there makes the bush inside push hard on the tube as the bikes suspension moves around during the town it will wear out the fork much faster than normal riding. Plus you left the kick stand down, again its not designed for the dynamic load of the entire bike it just meant to prop up some of the weight. If you want a floppy wobbly fucked up kickstand this is the fastest way to it.

    You done 10k or 4.4k staps to hold a bike DOWN. You need ones that are easy to use correctly that protect your bike and speed up loading. Iv never seen anyone do something like this with a bike that needs to perform go to a track and see what people do to transport race bikes. Dirt or street they are not putting car tiedowns around the middle of the forks.


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