How Do You Get Over Your Fear of Riding A Bike?

This book is going to help you understand the important “dos and don’ts” of the motorcycling world!
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Confidence is key to riding safely on a motorcycle! It really is a HUGE beginner motorcyclist problem, that leads to a lot of other beginner mistakes! Here is how to overcome some of them!


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How To Ride A Motorcycle
how to ride a motorcycle for beginners


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Comment (21)

  1. I'm a new rider as in very very new. I passed the written test and passed the safety course and now am a licensed rider but I tend to lose my confidence and I know that I need to continue practicing. I just typed in in the search window (afraid a riding a motorcycle) and your video popped up and I am so thankful for your advice. There is a huge parking lot down the street and I'm going to take the bike out there in practice just what you said, starting, stopping, making turns and going in-and-out of my neighborhood before I venture further out.

  2. Hey thanks for this video! I just bought a bike a couple weeks ago and I too, have depression and anxiety. Initially on my new bike (2019 Iron 883) I had so much anxiety I refused to leave my driveway on it and just rode around the yard, which was a pain due to all the imperfections in the ground. I'm slowly working around the neighborhood and just practicing the basics, but even the thought of going on the highway makes me feel like I will die lol. It's going to be quite the process, but this video helps, thank you very much Dan.

  3. Hey dan you’re video was really helpful. I have a drz which is wayyyy to tall for me. It makes it almost impossible to have fun but build confidence. I’m getting it lowered but I have to ride it to the dealership. I live in New York City which has a lot more hills and potholes then you can imagine.

  4. Every time I go out, I take some time to practice. Really been working on slow handling, trying to get to full lock turns. I can go like 2 mph and stay up..and use that at lights now instead of duck walking (esp. right turn on red with cars ahead). But add some people watching me pull into lot and park bike, and suddenly I'm an idiot! Tho, I am getting better at that too. 🙂 Practice…and smile, because you are on a bike today!!! Sweet freedom! Thanks for the vid brother.

  5. Hey Dan, I would really appreciate if you would make a video about advanced riding and track and getting really a bad ass on the bike including cornering, knee down and all that if you are solid at riding and you have never fell down but are afraid of falling thus having lower confidence riding more aggressively on the track for example (not the street obviously).

  6. Fear is why I rode 30km in the 50km zones and took corners at 10km the first time I rode. Not being sure when to try this "counter steering" I heard about scared me lol. Taking the novice skills and road skills courses weren't cheap but learning safety and confidence made it worth the money. I recommend it to everyone who tells me they want to start riding.

  7. I loved this video, my confidence was pretty good until I tried fast Eddies moto jitsu, I cant even do white belt properly on my sportster , but you gave me confidence by watching this to keep practicing until I get white belt done perfectly !!! Thanks Dan!!!!!

  8. Thanks Dan, I just finished my MSF course yesterday, and some exact thing happened to me. Had fun the first day, was nervous and anxious because of the test. Once it was time for the eval I felt like i’ve never been on a bike before. But today I took my bike out for a ride around town and had a ton of fun!


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