Driving for Postmates | Why I Lasted Only One Week!

I was a Postmates driver for one week, and ultimately decided that it was not worth it.

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Camera: Canon 70D http://amzn.to/2rRUXrq
Lens: Canon EF-S 10-18mm http://amzn.to/2rRUjud
Lapel Mic: YouMic http://amzn.to/2qDpQem
Voiceover Mic: Blue Snowball Ice http://amzn.to/2qDbevG
Ring Light: Neewer 18” Ring Light http://amzn.to/2rl3yCc

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  1. Postmates flat out stole from me. I did two deliveries and they paid for one. Here is how it happened: I got a notification to pick up an order. When I got there, they added on another delivery, since two orders came into the same restaurant. I never approved the extra delivery, but there was nothing I could do about it. I could not find the first location (apartment number) easily and it took a long time to get to the second location (did not know where to go since it was a timeshare resort). By the time I got to the second location, the guy left to go on break. I did not get a tip from either customer. Postmates pays for pickups, NOT deliveries. So I only got paid $5.92 for two deliveries, twenty miles, and an hour of time.

  2. I was just about to pick the postmates order up when they switched it to another driver. I know the other driver was late. Postmates will send you on an order and drain your gas. Postmates does not give you a mile distance so you can't determine wether it is worth the strip or not. I accepted an order with postmates at a bagel store one morning when I got there the order was not on my phone. Postmates has a smoothie shop located in a totally different shopping center. I called the smoothie shop it is up to postmates to correct the different location. Postmates has screwed me over three different times. Postmates has struckout. If you don't have a solar car you will not make gas off of postmates

  3. My car is one step from the junk yard thanks to the miles I put on the motor driving around for food delivery services in just a few months. The hot weather killed my battery due to need to use AC while waiting in parking lots. I am so poor I had to create a GoFundMe account to help me cover the expense of gas, ins (1 million dollar rider) and food. I am exhausted. Top it off, I had a car accident in a parking lot with a crazy lady. Had to pay for a ticket and go to driver’s school (Florida). Ugh. Young people should go to school while driving so they can at least create a new skill. I am too old for that. Very stressful work. Customers are for most part okay but the are person is downright evil which can ruin ratings.

  4. @Senny D .. u did a great job on video & on point. sounds like u get more deliveries in ur area if 2 or 3 done in an hour would b amazed here. about 1 in an hour lately, not so good. looking what others have to say about delivery jobs from diff companies.. as postmates just recently dropped gas from .68 to .63 a mile & wait time .09 to .07 .. so they add .25 to pick up yet lower the others & think now no minimum 4.00 necessary… when in fact they do minimum guarantee i saw when order didn't hit 3.00 they add to it to make 3.00.. been downhill ever since & motivation gone

  5. My take on Postmates; FUCK THEM!!!! Like WTF! Really, I have to place orders for ya lazy asshats, pay for the fucking thing with your bullshit card, wait 30 to 45 mins for your goddamn food AND delivery it to your ungrateful ass while you give me fucking $2 for a tip!?!? Y’all are lucky I don’t rub my balls on your sandwich

  6. Sorry you got involved with this scum. They robbed me over $30 for a delivery I never received and fought me for double the money. No joke. I have bank records to prove it.

  7. I just signed up for this and received the bag but something has been keeping me from activating the card. Now, I know why. Thanks for the review. It really help solidify my decision to NOT do this.

  8. Just started in the Dallas area, $12-$15 hr, also using the stride app. Very happy with it so far, had a few problems but nothing substantial. Like a product wasn't available but the customer just told me to get something else. I used to get minimum wage so this is great.

    $15-$18 before gas expense and $12-$13 after. But I can deduct that later. Also I average 3-4 deliveries an hour but they are all between 3-6$ each. About half tip

  9. I live and work in the heart of swfl Estero area and right now i have my app online while at my real job just to see if anything pops up and nothing haha what a joke! …and its dinner time at that lol …..so if you have time to waste this company is for you! heehee

  10. Im trying out postmates on my motorcycle. Also I got a mileage tracker for taxes and receipts for gas and with how much it makes you drive really I doubt Im going to pay any taxes. Plus the 40mpg I get on the bike. We'll see how it goes.

  11. WOW, In LA here working in the red areas as much as possible. Here are the stats for the first 2 weeks working for Postmates.
    93 deliveries, average pay from Postmates is $4.56 per delivery, average tip is $2.25 per delivery for a grand total of $6.33 paid out per delivery. Average hours 3.5 per day 6 day week, paid out to me to date for 12 days working $633.00, for a total of 42 hours comes to $15.00 per hour pay.
    Whats exciting is the sign on bonus of $875 not including tips for doing 110 deliveries with in 30 days of signing up. 110 deliveries x $4.56 average pay is a total of $424 minus $875 bonus, so I will be getting $451 bonus from Postmates at 110 deliveries which is very realistic…just another 17 deliveries for me. Adding my average tips back in $2.25 x110 deliveries is $247 total tips. $247 tips + $875 sign on bonus, is a grand total of $1,122 income for my first 30 days working part time. If you liked this break down of the income please use my referral code FL-WLUK and get your sign on bonus also. ❤️ FL-WLUK

  12. Rich people are mostly horrible tippers ..they act like 10% would kill them ..they love this app because when they go out in public they have to worry about how they look not tipping but through apps the true colors come out..

  13. Post mates is perfect for people like me. I have a full time job so this is just a side hustle for me. Plus I'm a mechanic. So any wear and tear in my car I do myself. I have a daily beater car that's a 4 banger. I love it. Plus I do it right after work on my way home. So everything is on the way for me. I thought about all of the angles and I'm coming out ahead.

  14. sounds like this whole industry is great for the owners, and not the drivers. And they can stack regions with lots of drivers, they son't care because they will just hire and hire and hire to keep the areas filled with drivers. No thanks.


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