(badly) Welding A Gas Tank?!?

We attempt to weld the fuel indicator hole off the old Suzuki GS450L tank and onto a new one but things don’t go as planned and something catches on fire as we attempt to weld…

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  1. You need a TIG machine if you plan on getting a perfectly waterproof weld. You can get one on with a MIG but only if you are very familiar with the machine and use if on thin sheet steel very often. If it were my job – (and my job is sportbike body fabrication and repair so I weld and build alot of sportbike tanks as well as plastic welding on fairings http://www.msrecycle.com – shameless plug) – I would TIG braze it with silicone bronze.

  2. I came here to see a tank ruined by noobs and i am not disappointed. Beautiful weld "beads" (turds) and holes in the thin metal. All it needed was a WHOOMPH from igniting fumes in the tank.

  3. 1ST, no thumbs up or down. Sorry.
    This is a teachable moment.
    Just because a friend owns a Harbor Freight welder doesn't mean you or anyone should try to weld ANYTHING?
    Least of All a GAS TANK!
    Holy Crap! No matter how cleaned out you all think that tank is, it'll still go BOOM!
    May I suggest a Radiator repair shop. The $75 you're going to spend, beats the 100's of thousands of dollars at a hospital,then rehab, and that's if you live!
    Soldering galvanized steel, is done with a forced air mask for a reason.
    Zink will first cause a headache, hours after your done working. Then the Zink builds up in the adrenaline glands and WILL KILL YOU!
    This is not the time to watch YOUTUBE, and say I got this.
    If you really want to learn how to do this ask a pro if he/she will let you watch.
    Don't forget the magic words, PLEASE, and THANK YOU!
    It truly goes a long way.
    Showing real interest in any skilled trade, may get you an invite to the work bench.
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then actually being there is invaluable!
    It's like flying a simuator on a computer, and being in the cockpit of a VW Beetle with wings. BIG DIFFERENCE!
    When working, gloves and a sheild aren't all you need. There called work clothes for a reason.
    WORK BOOTS, and long pants down to the heals.
    You don't want to know the dance you'll be doing, if a piece of slag slid down your shoe.
    Be safe out there!
    Over Dading much? Yep!
    I can't help it!
    I are one.

  4. @Anti_Parallali take it to a professional probably to Diablo formula racing or else you will run the risk of damage everything and even injuring yourself in that process. one more thing anti NEVER EVER KNEEL DOWN while welding anything or else the sparks would burn a hole in your thighs , BE SAFE

  5. Welding on a tank like that isnt a big deal. Wire feed/Mig probably isnt the best choice. Make sure the cap and petcock are removed. Flush it out with water. Gas welding with oxy/acetylene or better oxy/propane is best. It anneals the whole area and its alot less likely to develop a new crack along the edge of a weld. Torch also works good for removing paint. Dont torch it up to glowing. Just enough to bubble the old paint then it will sand easier. If your welding that bracket on that you cut from something else just tack it in several places and dont weld all the way around. If a new crack develops behind the bracket in the future you may have to grind the welds to get behind it. There are alot of tricks to tank welding to ensure longevity of a repair. If your new to welding it pays to consult someone who has experience. It could save alot of future headache.
    If you are using wire feed try to avoid using straight CO2. I dont recommend flux core wire for welding tanks. Gas welding with a torch is by far the best choice for a lasting repair.


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