5 Behaviors Of A Good Motorcycle Rider

Do you consider yourself a good motorcycle rider?
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How To Ride A Motorcycle
how to ride a motorcycle for beginners


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  1. You accept risk, until you have an accident, I'm speaking from experience. I used to be the same way and 3 weeks ago, I was involved in a motorcycle accident, A vehicle made an illegal U turn and I was unable to fully stop, my motorcycle hit the car at around 40mph and I flew off the bike and my body hit the car pretty hard. No serious injuries because that day I decided to wear my motorcycle gear, but according to the paramedics if I didn't have the gear, I would've bee seriously injured. Please everyone wear your gear, It can save you from serious injuries and also save your family a heartache.

  2. ATGATT – All the Gear All the Time
    Dress for the slide, not for the ride.

    Always use protection. 😉

    You can always have fun while in full gear. Clearly weather has a big play on that.

  3. People in cages and motorcycles do not pay attention to everything around the enough. I watch my mirrors , everything in front and beside me at all times whether I’m driving my van, car, or bike. You got to watch everything all the time.

  4. I was so confused about your “new helmet” and bike and video style…
    watched like 3 whole videos of DoItWithDan before I realized.
    I was like.. WHY IS DAN SPEEDING SO MUCH lol
    wrong Dan

  5. So what do you ware when its 105 degrees out ? Wearing all that heavy gear can give you a heat stroke and dehydration is there some summer light gear that you can recomend that wont give you a heat stroke

  6. Hey Dan, I love what you do. I am going to unsubscribe to you because I feel like I have no part with the community do to I'm banned from the discord server, it was my fault but I have no part in your community anymore. Thank you for the help, take care hope to see you around, ride safe brother.

  7. Hey man thank you for the shout out on the whirring protection, last week I was riding filll protection except for gloves on a two minute burger run and the car in front of me collided with the with the vehicle in front of it that had stopped without signaling, I put my hand through his brake light and because I wasn’t wearing gloves I messed up my hand pretty bad, Just a reminder guys all protection means all protection

  8. Just finished BRC1 yesterday! So excited to get started on my own. However, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't buy a bike until I had all my safety gear accumulated. I have a few pieces left, and then it is bike time!

  9. Exactly…when they nonchalantly kill us and get off with it cos the so called law is clearley a bunch of one light haters lol(otherwise why does "i diiidddnnnttt ssseee hiiimm"-spoken in cager dumb talk……whys it count as a mitigating factor…lmfaoooooooo should be dangerous driving and manslaughter at the very least….theyre supposed to be fucking looking ie be a driver…..anyway WHEN they kill us its iur LOVED ones that have to suffer the longest so WHEN the cager fucks up their (not allowing them to deny their actions ) -FUCKS UP THEIR ATTEMTED MURDER…WHY SHOULD WE AFTER MANAGING TO THWART THEIR ATTEMPT….NOT ALSO HAVE THE SAME RIGHT TO DEFEND OUSELVES BY ALSO PAYING THE FAVOUR BACK IN FULL! ? 🤔

  10. Have to ask man… what’s the deal with the “boys” after everything?! I’ve been watching your content for a year or so, and you never used to say it. Sounds like a nervous tick or something?!

  11. My $300 80's craigslist special Yamahas are important to me, but I'm way more important to my wife… so dropping $1000 on gear was an easy decision. Always work on improving your situational awareness, a lot of things can be avoided by paying attention to traffic's "body language."


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