How To Turn FROM A STOP On Your Motorcycle / CBT Module 1 Motorcycle Test Techniques

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Sometimes you need to just turn from a stop! Parking lot, right-hand turn in street, or to start a U-turn. Here is how you do it!
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  1. pfff, this reminds me of a turn I have to make sometimes, right side, on an incline with reverse camber and the street merges with a main road at a narrow angle so I have to look over my left shoulder more than 90 degrees, it's a damn bitch of a turn, especially since I only started riding about 3 weeks ago ….

  2. I have been riding for many years but I never quit reviewing the basics and trying to learn more as the price of not doing so is too great to pay.

  3. Great instruction! I’ve been riding 10 years now but haven’t done much in the last two years so I’m needing some practice before I get out on the road this season. I’ll be practicing today after work.. riding my Softtail Deluxe

  4. New to your channel and just subscribed!
    I have a question
    I've yet to buy my Honda Rebel
    I'm having trouble deciding to get the 300 or 500
    So far you're the best I've seen giving lessons if you see this I'm about as tall as your wife, how does she feel about the 500? And thank you for this video I had trouble in my class with this TWICE

  5. Where in Arizona are you I just moved here and bought a bike, I'd like to show up and meet you if you go to any bike nights or events. Thanks for all the vids they really help a new rider like me out.

  6. Thank you for this vid! That's actually one of my fears after I had a fall! I was coming out of a car space and I had to stop for a car and as I went to put my foot down, I couldn't reach the ground because my riding pants were too tight annnnd down I went lol so embarrassing, I was on a date too hahah haven't worn those draggins since lol!

  7. Good video. I used to do this well on a 250 DS, now I have a 1500 cruiser so it's a little more itimidating. Turn, lean, and power. Not sure if the weight on the outside peg does much.

  8. What if you have to do an emergency dead stop while in the middle a turn and leaning. I guess you'll fall.
    I watched all o these kind of videos but NONE talked about that.

  9. Just a question though, I'm an advanced newbie. Riding a Breakout at the moment (they don't turn). I always try to position myself so I can start moving straight line for a second before I start my lean. Why would you start already leaned on a stop? Sound like a drop waiting to happen to me. I recognize it's good practice though. Just curious thanks for the video.

  10. I haven't even started riding yet but, I'm watching your videos and it's helping. I'm mentally practicing all this stuff everywhere I go. I can't wait to start riding and physically practicing!


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