9. Motorcycle Endorsement Requirement (for Florida). Pro Tip: Separate Your Keys, Parking on Campus

In this video, Collin tells you why you’ll need a motorcycle endorsement for scooters over 50cc in the state of Florida, why you should separate your scooter keys and keep them in a safe place, and how to legally park at UF without getting a ticket.

00:00 – Motorcycle Endorsement for 50cc+ Scooters
00:22 – Separate Your Keys!
00:48 – Parking On UF Campus

Scooter: Genuine Buddy 50 Scooter


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Comment (1)

  1. Just bought a Genuine Buddy 50 yesterday (in south Florida), and found you tonight.
    Liked and subbed.

    What are your recommendations for the necessary 2 stroke synthetic oil?

    Many thanks!


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