4 Ways to get Hurt on a Motorcycle

This week I have a video for the “anti-safety” crowd with 4 ways that will GREATLY increase your odds of getting hurt on a motorcycle.

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Comment (34)

  1. From a fellow rider who happens to be an ICU nurse, thank you for this video! Spot on. I see the results of these choices and beliefs frequently and it's heartbreaking. Protect yourself and others. Riding is a responsibility!

  2. Now Kevin, How in the H E double hockey sticks to you expect people to have fun on a motorcycle without alcohol, acting the fool, and driving like they have tires that somehow magically stick to asphalt. One more thing, that money for a helmet could be much better spent buying a round for everyone at the bar so they'd all come to your funeral. Learned this lesson the first day I had a motorcycle running, a friend of a friend lost his leg because he was drinking, using maximum acceleration and minimum brakes. How much do you think he's riding these days? But alas, not being an idiot is really hard for some folks!

  3. I'm thankful for the police who ticket speeding and careless driving motorcycists, possibly saving their lives and keeping the public safe. All safe and responsible riders need to support and thank the police, Sheriffs and Highway Patrol.

  4. I understand your sarcasm. But I decided it needs to be shared! Thanks, Kevin. Far too many make the jokes, but I know ones that take this far to extreme. Ride safe!🏍

  5. Great stuff Kevin 😂😂 there are a few macho idiots I'd like to see this but they won't even think it's addressed to them! Keep up the good work, I KNOW your instruction has helped me be a much better rider… I mean better as well as safer… 👍

  6. One of your best clips Kevin! Just passed the French highway code exam Friday. Had my first lesson of 20h of A2 training this weekend. Theory and low speed manoeuvres. A lot of what you show in the parking lots! Hopefully will be qualified by October – November. Will still keep learning.

  7. I've been riding since I was 21, gave it up at 40 and started again recently at the age of 58. I learnt to ride in London, probably one of the trickiest cities in the world to ride in, and I rode all year round, and all over the UK. I came off a few times over that period but I was quite pleased to say it was almost always my fault – this sounds perverse but it means that nobody else was catching me out. So I had a lot of experience but when I went back to it I subscribed to your channel and I have learnt a great deal from you. If I can learn things from you – absolutely every other motorcyclist can too.

  8. I gained my full bike license in the U.K. about 35 years ago and moved from bikes to cars about 30 years ago. Numerous reasons for that at the time but one of the key reasons was not having total confidence in my own ability to stay safe. I just didn’t have access to the fantastic knowledge and experience such as you are imparting through your work here and yet I passed the two part test at the time. Fast forward to now and I’m exploring getting back into cycling again. Through your channel I am now clear on the steps I will take to do this safely. I wish you and your channel the greatest success in the future, work such as yours is invaluable to all on two wheels…

  9. I firmly believe, that the majority of motorcycle statistics, are directly related to the 4 things you mention here, and we’d otherwise not hear the stereotype of “guaranteed to die riding one of them things”

  10. Hey Kevin, I really love your videos and this one was especially funny and informative. If you get the chance I would love to see you post a video solely dedicated to lane position. I have recently been riding on the highway a lot more often and when I am in the number one lane I will typically choose the rightmost lane position so that I can see as far ahead in traffic as possible. I was wondering if this is a good/wise practice or if there are other better strategies that I can use pertaining to lane position that I can use on the highway and or streets. Again thanks so much for the videos and keep up the great work, you're saving lives with every video you make.

  11. Make sure you dissconect your driving lights, paint your bike a matte dark gray color with full matching gear. You'll be so invisible/camouflage with the road and no body will see you. No more getting made fun of for that safety green jacket and glowing white motorcycle with disco ball lighting.

  12. When I was a teen, my dad gave me some sound advice. He said; don’t go knocking on heavens door because they might let you in. Of course he was referring to taking stupid chances and dying.

  13. Too ironic for me, but true. I only hope no idiots see this video… I have no doubts they will take your "recommendations" literally. Thanks for your interest into imrpove our security when riding.

  14. 50 plus year rider and I ride topless and with flip flops. I don't plan to let anyone hurt me so I'm not gonna wreck so I don't need crap that make me uncomfortable. I have no problems with others that want the feeling of security that safety equipment, unless its training wheels

  15. Great video. I live in Mexico and is sad to see many riders specially those in small engine bikes in small towns all across the country riding without helmets, like you see them in Thailand or India . You se the wife and one or two kids in those small scooters reaching speed up to 40 miles moving through the traffic, thinking nothing is going to happen, then they crash at 20 miles with sever head injuries.

  16. I've been extremely lucky in the past, when it comes to taking risks and even in crashing several times. If you combine the speed with alcohol, you can double down on the danger! But I eventually got wise, started riding smart and wearing plenty of armor.
    This video was pretty funny, though in all seriousness, it's all fun and games until someone gets massive head trauma and dies. I've seen it happen. But with some people, you will never get the message across.

  17. Kevin,
    When I was 16, working, I wanted to buy my first motorcycle, my dad interfered and I grew out of the idea however, never forgot the desire of one day having a chance of buying one. Well, turned out that my father was correct; I was always speeding with my vehicle and not paying attention much on traffic. Years passed and the urge for speed passed. Now, with the mind set to the traffic and thinking of the posibility I can experience riding a motorcycle for pure enjoyment, I started following your YouTube channel to get information on safety and proper riding techniques that will fulfill my desire. I am enrolling in a motorcycle class to learn to control the machine and will certainly continue to follow your videos. I want to start with a Shadow VT750 and I am 5'7" tall. I will be more of a weekender short trip rider. Any input?

    Thank you


  18. And always remember to tailgate the car in front of you. Then you don't see the dead cats and potholes before you hit them, which is much more exiting.


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