Should Motorcycles Be Allowed To Lane Split In Arizona?

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Comment (33)

  1. Lane splitting is a poor/dangerous solution to deal with traffic, how about we just fix traffic so nobody has to sit in it. Oh yea, I forgot, we don't fix things in this country we just keep coming up with ridiculous band aids to make some people feel better.

  2. There's one simple reason why you should NEVER lane split. If you're going between just 8 cars, you cannot keep an eye on all of them at once. There only has to be one nitwit driver, who doesn't check his rear view mirror, doesn't look over his shoulder (which happens so many times…) He changes lane and bam… you're under him. You couldn't see it coming because he was inbetween the other cars. If there's like 2 or 4 cars on a road, which has two lanes for going straight, stopping at a traffic light, then you might just go inbetween to stand at the front, but even this is dangerous. Don't do this people… Where I live it's actually illegal on normal roads, and for good reason.

  3. So did it pass? Is lane splitting legal in Arizona? We'll be moving to Phoenix in July 2018. It would be nice to know that I'll be able to keep moving through traffic in the state's heat.

  4. From the day a rider collapses from heavy traffic in the summer is the time the rest of the states will consider passing lane filtering

  5. Legalize it (there's no poll)

    Even if they only let us lane split when the traffic is stopped at a red light to get to the front of the line i'd be happy with that.
    Traffic will be less congested, we'll be safe from getting rear ended, and we'll avoid heat strokes. It sucks waiting for the light to turn tree times in the middle of Summer with no A/C in a city that doesn't even have a single highway going through it. We create less pollution than SUVs, i think we should have some perks.

    If people can lane split in London where the lanes are much narrower and traffic is a lot crazier then ours than we can do it too, as long as it's done in a civilized manner.

    The problem is that some bikers will abuse this right, people will freak out when bikes start flying by between cars and they will complain. If we take this seriously and don't fuck around but actually behave and act politely it could work.

  6. I miss riding in Florida. I now live in Georgia where lane splitting is illegal. It's a very stupid law that should be changed. Lane splitting can save a riders life.

  7. here in Upstate NY, lane splitting happens, no one really gives any issues ( drivers usually ) but if law enforcement sees it, they might do something or say something but i guess it depends on their moods,  im not sure if it says specifically " no lane splitting "  but I would hope you could, when i ride I find it comforting sitting between two stopped vehicles, because I know neither of them can randomly slide into the side of me.

  8. Actually it wasn't written as illegal in Arizona till The old Cunt Brewer made it illegal. I believe if ALL Arizona riders got together for a ride in Phoenix up to the capitol, it would be a good show of voter force. California made it work because they had to move, it was made into law, they are trying to make it look like people won't obey the law. What we don't need is all these goons that do stupid shit on the roads when they are on bikes.

  9. Hey Dan. My personal opinion is that lane splitting should be legal on the highway but not on surface streets. I think that there is to much lane changing going on by the cagers to make lane splitting safe. I would like to see lane filtering made legal for the surface streets. For those that don't know lane filtering allows a motorcycle to splits lanes at red lights so they don't run the risk of getting rear ended.

  10. I think Lane splitting is a great idea and I agree with the safety points you brought up concerning lane splitting. I just wish the lawmakers here in Texas agreed too, but unfortunately they do not, so it remains illegal here.

  11. Lane splitting should be legal. I visited Italy where motor scooters outnumber cars. In Italy, motorcycles have head of line privileges. Motorcycles and scooters were the only vehicles that did not get bogged down in traffic. At red lights, all motorcycles flowed through stopped cars up to the stop light.

  12. I wish it can be legal here in NY too but we have so many illegal dirt bike riders and stunters here it will go south so quick! Its a shame too since motorcycles are getting ever so popular down here.

  13. Being from Texas but now living in SoCal. All i can say is Lane Splitting is the best…I try not to drive a cage in the traffic out here. If i go anywhere i take the bike. I'm surprised more people out here don't ride but it seems they are to addicted to their cars….Lane splitting has been around for years here but there are still careless cagers all around. Heres me getting doored while filtering to the front…( the jeep driver was found to be 100% at fault )….

  14. As a native Tucsonian living in California, pass this bill! Add driver and rider education and publicity a couple months before it becomes legal and things will go okay. The brain dead punks and idiots, they are going to ignore the existing laws anyways.

  15. I hope it does pass because I think all the states should have this law I live in California, and it's a great advantage to be able to lane split, but also like you mentioned, some people go too fast when they're lane splitting, so it's obviously up to the rider to maintain control while riding between other vehicles I have to sign out, but I wanted to say be careful you all while riding, driving, and whatever else you're doing Stay safe in every situation and have a good one

  16. It’s a good thing but like anything else it’s how sensible you are with it. In the UK I’d only filter in stationery or slow moving traffic and no more than 15mph. I always expect the driver to pull out so if there’s an accident it will more than likely be 50/50 responsibility but as a motorcyclist I put myself in potential danger so I’d say the owness is on me

  17. Just hurry up and pass the god damn bill already… everywhere.

    The same rider who will lane split unsafely will ride un safely regardless of if he can lane split or not. It’s an issue with the rider and not the option to lane split.

    Screw the non riders who just want something else to bitch about because they are sitting in traffic while we are scooting by at 15mph.

    Lane splitting should be as illegal as it is to take a cell phone into a car. You can choose to use your phone in a safe manner and I can choose to lane split in a safe manner or we can both choose not to do it all.

    Far more deaths are caused by distracted drivers, fact. But cagers will never want to have those conveniences removed or restricted.

    I have a track mentality, if you have enough space to get through, get through bro. I’ll move my cage over any day for a fellow rider. Why must I block you ? For what ? What am I accomplishing or achieving. So stupid… my car is too big to pass but you are small enough to get through so go on through. Keep it safe and within reason and it’s all good, simple.

    As a fellow and quite popular moto vlogger once said “ this nation has the collective maturity of a three-year-old”


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