Scared Of Going On A Group Ride? Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Out

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Going for a motorcycle group ride soon? Or are you wanting to do one, but unsure of how? Here are some tips to help you out!

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Comment (17)

  1. I would get anxiety too making a big production out of it. We meet up, pick a destination, and enjoy the ride. Often change leader and sweep out of the blue. Of course, we're not a group of strangers. Ride safe, y'all.

  2. From speaking to a MCC president novice riders are at the back of the group with the "sweeper" following them and making sure they're all safe and don't get lost. The most experienced riders are in the front of the group

  3. Guy in the back is usually called the "sweep". Also the leader and sweep have communications (very important … usually CB radios or a Senna 30K). And the less experienced riders are in the back . In our club you have to complete a group riding course to ride with the group. And we use hand signals that are usually started by the leader, say for an object in the road. Then the hand signal is passed back by all of the riders. And if the group gets split, the sweep can contact the leader and the split can be resolved.

  4. Great video Dan. I would not recommend for inexperienced riders to ride in a group, overall a large group. Initially, a group of maybe 4 or maximum 5 would be the best, where the Pacer/Captain is an experienced rider riding with groups, that way, he/she does not set the pace too fast. The sweeper would be an experienced riders as well, where he/she would be alert to any problems the group might experience.
    I think new riders should get as much saddle time they can before they tackle group riding, since it could be pretty unnerving when you have to be aware of the rider in front of you, the following time and speed, and the riders following you, plus of course, traffic, shifting, turns, accelerating and braking. Group riding could be an enhanced way to enjoy this activity, but it has to be taken slowly at the beginning.

  5. Went on a group ride a month or so ago… was not impressed. Never went again. Older group and was doing 50 in 30 mph.. not getting a ticket for old farts. Met a friend that day so it wasn't a waste. Went through sooooooo many stop signs 😒 after the lunch, I went my own way back. Did go on highway for the 1st time too. My anxiety was off the charts all the way up bc of their speed and experience levels. They were nice when we stopped, but not my cup o tea

  6. In cyling we called the last person is sweeper and the first is pacer/leader and we also have 2nd to the leader is trangko means he's the responsible to navigates the way, it's in our country. Philippines, proud tobe a pinoy!


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