MUST SEE! How To Setup Motorcycle Turning Position!

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Comment (25)

  1. how is it counterbalacing if when turning left you push your body to the left?
    isn't it the complete opposite in slow turns?
    I thought you should turn ur shoulders and hips to the side u are tuning yeah, lean ur bike to that side, yeah, but keep ur body straight up and leaning to the opposite side, to counterbalance the weight of the bike.
    am I missing something?

  2. Dan I really like your videos and you as a person. I am a subscriber, and will continue to be.
    That said your body position techniques are patently wrong. I known that you were taught by someone with a certificate and yada yada.
    These techniques put you in a unstable riding position. When you are leaning your torso that far and hanging onto the outside grip to stay on the bike and twisting your hip Oy Vey! A track coach would pull you off in the first lap to fix your crazy dangle angle. Your one big bump or shimmy from coming off the bike or wrenching it down by the bars in a misconceived attempt to stay on.
    Do not twist your hips! Terrible idea. Do not unsquare your shoulders from the plane of the bars. Hips square with shoulders, shoulders square with bars always, no exceptions. (Unless you are doing a hip flip in a chicane at 100mph and know what you're doing) Never make any jerky kung fu movements on the bike, ever!
    I don't know what course this technique is from, but I'd like to know to avoid it. CSS with Keith Code, or Yamaha School of Champions is the gold standards. $600 to $800 a day, but more than worth it. Take one of them, and come back and remake these videos when you understand how dangerous what some of what you are saying can be in a high speed cornering, or traction loss scenario. The only thing you got right is using the outside foot, and outside knee to anchor.
    Twisting and snapping your hips and shoulders is a bad, bad idea. Keep your core squared and anchored at all times. You should be able to let go of the handle bars and not move or upset the bike at any time during any maneuver if you are doing it with correct form.
    Get back in your demonstrated low forward position with hips twisted and let go of the bars. You will fall off or bobble the bike to recover and not fall off. Which demonstrates that you are using the bars to hold on. You can't use the bars to hold on and control the machine correctly at the same time.
    Not trying to be mean, but you are speaking from perceived authority to new riders and you have accepted responsibility to teach to the highest level you can. Please raise that level. I used to espouse and teach very similar techniques and views as you do now until I learned I was wrong. There are much better, much safer riding strategies. Don't skimp on detail for simplicity of teaching. A higher end course will teach the neuro science and bio mechanical reasons behind why the old school methods are wrong and potentially dangerous. Bad muscle memory is hard to rewire. Start doing it right sooner rather than later.
    Appologies for coming across harsh, but I too am a fervent motorcycle safety advocate. Your heart is 100% in the right place. Love your channel, and you.

  3. I am a new rider as of last year, and just got my bike out today after having it away all winter. These were great tips and ones I learned in my course but mostly forgot. Thank you for the review :).

  4. I wish I would have watched this before I went to get gas an hour ago, I couldn’t make the turn sharp enough and had to drive right out of the parking lot lol. Made it look like that was my plan all along though and went back 10 minutes later.

  5. I'm confused as to why, for general riding, someone would want or need to hang off the side of their bike? Shouldn't the goal be for the bike to lean into a turn & you lean with it?

  6. Excellent instruction. I tried this on a tricky turn I have to take on my ride home every morning and it helped so much. It felt more secure than I thought it would and I'm not scraping my floorboards anymore.

  7. I am assuming your doing this as an exercise prior to riding on the track. If people are riding around corners on the street like this they'll be a laughing stock.

  8. These videos are gonna be helpful for me because I just passed the MSF course in California but I still want a little more practice before going out on the streets 🏍


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