Motorcycle beginners – Shifting in Corners

Another video talking about shifting (or not) while cornering.


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  1. you can g slower in a higher gear but youll need to shift down as your coming out because you dont have the acceleration. but you ideally you break then shift down or let off the throttle and shift down. but if its a t intersection your going to see it coming so youll have time to slow down to the tun anyways…

  2. It's all about how tight the corner is, ideally I would shift down in your example but as long as you are at reasonable RPM's you would be fine. Shifting down quickly might cause a spin up if so more dangerous.

  3. Good vid. say youre in 4th gear goin around 55 coming up to a T intersection and you have to turn right. can you take the corner in 4th? or should blip all the way down to 2nd before you take the turn?

  4. thanks, congrats on passing your test! Practice all the time and you will learn fast, most important thing for me was taking it slow and going at your own pace. Push yourself only when you want.

  5. Great vid. At last a uk road with some good advice. I've just past my bike test and git a fazer f6. I'm still very nervous of corners at speed. Any advice s appreciated


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