How To Turn Your Motorcycle (CORRECT WAY)

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Comment (16)

  1. Like im not an expert but it teminds me of thise idiot cagers that have to swerve right to turn left as if its an LGV lol. Or they swerve left to turn right thats fucked up more cos they're then going the wrong way to their indicator temporarily lol…and imagine cars behind watchin a biker do all that leaning the wrong way pre bend🤔lolololoolololo

  2. It seems really weird getting full lean position awkwardly early pre bend…because tbh its known that as u dip it in u shift weight to lower center of gravity and keep the bike upright as much as possible…..not lean first so the bike leans the wrong way for the bend before even dipping it in🤔

  3. Before I would invest any serious amount of time and practice in what you are teaching, I want to see some credentials. You continue to say that "we are learning together" tells me that you don't have it figured out yourself. Do you think you should have this down pat before try and sell it to an audience? Is this taught in any MSF course?

  4. The 50 pence name comes from the fact that the 50 pence coin isn’t a circle on the outside but seven sided (similar to multiple choppy turns) 😉

  5. Love the videos so no disrespect, but as a new rider myself you should not be calling these type videos the “correct way” they didn’t teach me to do this in the beginners course to get my license. So to new guys and gals it’s not the correct way….. you will have people with a 2 or 3 day old license dumping bikes and getting hurt trying to be like you.

    Just saying bro, again no disrespect 👍


    I want to share this youtube link.. and I'd like you to have a look at it.. and see if you could give us your input on your thoughts about it… the thing is that I actually used some of the info in it while riding and am able to take turns with a bit more confidence!! Also thank you for your awesome videos !! Very instructional!

  7. Simply make the travel line thru the curve straighter than the center line of the road. Sliding your rear on the seat to the inside of the curve can help the bike not lean as much which helps it not drag. You can handle curves easier than just counter steering and leaning.

  8. Would this feel normal using forward xontrols?? I have a vulcan s and is very nimble bike and i only have to apply minimal force using standard turning and it feels like a breeze doing so…


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