How to travel South America with a motorcycle I |nterview with Alex Chacon

Meet my friend Alex Chacon who travels the world with his motorcycle! Since we both travelled South America with a vehicle, we talk about his best tips on how you can do it, too! Make sure to subscribe to his channel:

How I learn Spanish on the road:

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  1. Hi there, I would like to ask you about where to find information about crossing the frontiers in a car, how much did you pay in each frontier, how safe it was to do the central american countries. I need to drive from US to Panama. Thanks for your advise! my email: aavella00 at Thanks!!

  2. whatad fuck is cool to ride everywhere but selling your house is nuts and crazy i what to travel all South America but not the crazy to sell everything even my house just work and get like 30,000 or 20,000 dollars or 40,000 i say maximum 30,000 dollar's or less and with the is enought to travel whole South America with a Motorcycle

  3. Das ist richtig genial!! Mit dem Motorrad durch Südamerika wirklich super! Deine Videos sind wundervoll und du warst mit dem Bus in Südamerika unterwegs oder? Liebe Grüße aus Buenos Aires 🙂

  4. Ist wirklich cool dass du jetzt auf englisch umgestellt hast aber zwischendurch mal ein deutsches video wäre auch toll…könntest ja bilingual wie steve werden…


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