How To Quickly Stop On A Motorcycle w/ Nikki's Adventures

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  1. I absolutely love your videos with Nikki. I recently bought a bike and my boyfriend who has been riding for years has been training me to be a better rider before I take it out onto the road. It is very refreshing to watch all of your videos with her from October up until now because I get to see someone who went through the same exact things I am experiencing now. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Hi NIkki! Hi Dan! I've been watching your videos and they have been very helpful for me! I'm a new rider and my weakness is my right turns at a stop sign. I also plan to practice more on my stopping. I so enjoy watching you Nikki! It's so encouraging to see someone else kinda going through the same thing as I am! 😉 The only difference between you and I is I am way older than you! I wish I would of done this years ago! I am so proud of you!

  3. I just started riding (passed MSF June 9th, '19) and was gifted a 1982 Yamaha XJ1100 Maxim. It runs ok but I dont know much about it and theres only dealer videos on youtube about it. My question/s are: is it easy customized? What is it meant for(cruising or speed)? Where can I find parts (aftermarket or oem)?

  4. I agree with practicing emergency braking and taking it steady at 15mph is fine to get used to it but how often are you riding 15mph and need to emergency brake? You really need to practice at 30+mph as that's the minimum speed you are going most of the time. All emergency braking in UK tests have to be minimum 50kph or 32mph and you should regularly practice that while out for a ride when the road is clear behind you. If you don't practice it the chances are when a real situation arises at a proper speed you you will wipe out.

  5. Do you guys have ABS because that makes a huge difference
    I brake HARD in an Emergency Brake because if I F up the ABS will catch it any way
    gonna be scary riding without it though

  6. Big fan, but the clutch thing is totally wrong. You are removing engine braking/ drivetrain friction from the process by pulling in the clutch. That should only be done in the very last moment before stopping, to stop a stall. In fact, in a rapid braking situation, it is better to stall than pull in the clutch.

  7. I really like your videos. Expecially those with your wife as it is very fun to see and hear her pure happiness while riding 🙂 Greetings from Germany.


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