How To Perform A Motorcycle U-TURN!

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Here is how to perform a UTurn with any motorcycle!
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Comment (24)

  1. Just failed my MSF skills test twice because of hitting a cone in the sharp right from stop turn and how that leads into the U Turn. I can do a left u turn if approaching it from the right side of the box at the bottom end but coming out of the right turn and having to cross over to the right and THEN straight to prepare to turn left for the u turn really messes me up. I did it perfectly practicing for one or the other but both combined is not good for me. I did the full course last weekend and failed got a second chance same day and failed. Did just the practice with everyone in a new course today and then the eval with them today and failed. Got a second chance and failed. I’m trying so HARD to stay positive. I WANT TO LEARN. I’m just really dumb with instructions honestly your use it like a shovel phrasing helps turn light bulbs on in my head. I’ve never ridden before I barely rode bicycles but I’m making progress in riding in general on nearby streets it’s just these two exercises. I keep making the same errors in both of them. I would’ve passed if it wasn’t for that. If I didn’t already have a motorcycle I’d probably have given up by now but your videos help give me some faith that if I keep trying and keep practicing then day by day I know I WILL get it. I also have awful test anxiety so knowing someone’s watching me is hugely a factor in all of this. I’ll get it one day. Thank you for the video! Very helpful

  2. counter balancing on a very slow speed u turn might be ideal sometimes but it won't be for all conditions. motogymkhana riders do extremely tight u turns and don't counter balance at all. Nor do they use the clutch.

  3. I first started watching moto, and then had you as well in recommended. You two are absolutely amazing, I backtracked on quite a few of your videos, and I wish you well friend, thank you for all your content.

  4. How are you supposed to practice without a bike don't you need a license to get a bike it's kind of hard to get practicing before the license test if you don't have a bike

  5. Get your ass up off the seat, get up on the footpegs. Inside arm a little straighter out.. The bike is leaning, you are straight. With more practice you can use the front brake to help adjust lean angle and rear brake for speed. You can practice all this stuff on a bicycle which costs less in damage which is what I have my girlfriend do to get her slow speed cornering down. Also if you haven't ridden for a while, get out the bicycle and go through the braking and slow speed maneuvers for a hour as a refresher.

  6. The Grom can come in one spot and be about halfway of the second spot, 47 inch wheelbase, and that without full lock because I'll beep my horn on my tank bad. The Tu250x can't do for me at 54 inch wheelbase, but close. You're at 60 inch wheelbase, you still could do a figure eight in four spots. I don't move my butt, got old bones. Gas steady, clutch to control speed, there is the controlled drop, rear brake little counter to drop, let out clutch to pop back up, but I'm clumsy (always have been) so having a lightweight bike means I can kick myself upright in most cases, booboos. I look for two spots, everywhere, one to come into and the other to park in.

  7. Interesting. I get the lean other side, but when Jerry Palladino does it with bike heavy bikes, he does not appear to lean quite as much of the other side, just slight lean it appears

  8. I have a top heavy bike (sports touring inline 4), I'm not afraid to get off and push the bike back and than get back on, don't want to chance of dropping it. I live in an Asian country, where it's almost impossible to do a U turn without getting off, due to narrowness of some roads.

  9. Instead of trying to man handle a bike or counterbalance it, just use the gray area of the clutch. If you pull in the clutch, the power is removed and the bike will naturally want to lean. Don’t put your foot down. You will possibly get injured or break an ankle. If the bike starts to lean too much, just let the clutch out. The bike will stand itself back up. You just gave me a good idea for a new video. Thanks and keep practicing!


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