How To Convince Your Family To Let You Ride A Motorcycle

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Sometimes you just have to convince them. So how do you do it?
🛑Motorcycles Are Actually Dangerous
► Don’t bullshit yourself or them
► Per vehicle miles traveled in 2016, motorcyclist fatalities occurred nearly 28 times more frequently than passenger car occupant fatalities in traffic crashes.
🛑Promise Not To Drink Alcohol and Ride
► Promise yourself too
► Be vigilant for drunk drivers
🛑Smaller Bikes Are “Safer”
► Easier to maneuver
► So ease them by getting a smaller bike
🛑Promise to Wear Gear
► Helmets are estimated to be 37-percent effective in preventing fatal injuries to motorcycle riders, and 41 percent for motorcycle passengers. In other words, for every 100 motorcycle riders killed in crashes while not wearing helmets, 37 of them could have been saved had all 100 worn helmets.
🛑“If You Die, Then What?” (Guilt Trip)
► Get life insurance
► If your partner or family gives you an ultimatum, that is an unhealthy relationship

NHTSA Crash Stats:

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Comment (48)

  1. Everything in society today is dangerous. I could WALK to the shops and get killed I could drive to the shops and get killed. If you live ur life in fear then u are not really living. If you are going to do something that's dangerous do it as safe as possible

  2. Those Skull Caps/Brain Buckets should be illegal in States with Helmet Laws. Cops should treat them like not wearing a Helmet when they pull the person over. It's like a Big "F@#$ You,
    I'm wearing a Helmet" to the Cops.

  3. Well in New Zealand, you cant just go and get a litre bike. There’s three licence classes. Learner, Restricted, and Full. On the first two classes you can only ride a LAMS approved motorcycle. Won’t go into all the bikes you can get but the Rebel 500 is one of those as an example. Time frame for the licence periods are –
    Learner 6 months minimum
    Restricted 18 months minimum

    Two years of riding before you can get a bike over 660cc

  4. How to convince your parents to get a bike ?…. easy mum I will not be able to pick up girls on a bike… oh ok then… how ironic got my licence and then took my girlfriend on the back….

  5. My father helped me getting a bike in 1971. When I hear a man say his wife of girl friend won`t let him have something, I have to shake my head, because I know who has the balls in the relationship. Riding is only dangerous for stupid people, the rest of us know danger is everywhere and look for it. Us old school riders are still alive because we look and think. I dress of the weather, and not the ride. Today`s gear was not invented yet and we rode and lived without it. Too many SQUIDS out riding today, giving the rest of us a bad rap. Many of them will die young and blame someone else for the accident. As an adult you are responsible for your own safety, whether you are riding, driving a car or crossing the street on foot. Glad I was born in the old days when kids failed in school and had to think for themselves. Today`s Meme generation is in trouble.

  6. I tried for 8 years to convince my wife to let me get a bike. Finally one day I just showed up with a Harley 883 and she didn't talk to me for a whole week. Eventually she got over it. It might not have been the best way to get the bike home but I didn't see any other way.

  7. I'm in the process of getting my license, training, and a motorcycle right now. My parents have objections (well just mom lol). I'm 24 and will decide for myself.

  8. Hello Dan my mum is the one who is against riding bikes and she's is confident that I am a good driver and I don't like to do something reckless but how can I convince her the only thing that keeps her from telling me no is that people drive unsafely but I could ride safer so is there anyway to make her feel that I will be safe even if people are dumb

  9. I have to say that I've spent months trying to convince my youngest son not to get a bike. It was all he was interested in. in the end, I decided that he was going to do it whatever, so I decided to train together at the same time for the UK full bike license. I wanted to do it when my son was about 2 years old, but my wife wouldn't let me ( I guess she doesn't give a shit now!!!). Anyway, he was happy to do that, and we have both recently passed, and he is now more equipped to take to the roads than if he had just done the CBT and left it at that. I am 53 and hes is 19. He can only ride an A2 bike until he is 24. The interesting thing is, once you start drilling down into the accident figures, you discover that yes, it is more dangerous than driving, but the majority of the accidents are caused by rider inexperience/ mistakes/ excessive speed, and of course alcohol as you mentioned. It really is all about the training, and attitude on the road. People such as yourself, and Fast Eddie, are reaching people who would not normally see this type of stuff. I salute you and your efforts to make people aware of what they need to be safe. Incidentally, I think the time of the motorbike is coming again, as bike technology makes bikes safer, and help with all aspects of motorbiking is right here on the net like never before. My intention is to become a motorbike instructor, but over here you have to wait 3 years to do this, so I will be 'skilling' up as much as possible in the meantime.

  10. I forgot who said this, but it's true.
    "It's easier to ask for forgiveness, then ask for permission."
    Of course, this doesn't apply to things like sex & rape. Don't be stupid & evil.
    But when it comes to YOUR body, YOUR life, and you are not really harming or bullying anyone innocent. Then you can do whatever you want.

    Don't ask for permission, don't even mention it. Try keep everything about it a secret. Then just appear with the motorcycle & gear, like it's a normal day. Like you just came from a parallel dimension, where you always had a motorcycle, and friends, family, whoever, are just now acting weird about it.

    Treat it like it's not a big deal, because it's not. It's something you want, and you're learning how to ride professionally, with alertness & prudence. To keep yourself safe, and the motorcycle safe. If they want to become stupid, emotional monkeys, let them. You remain calm. Make them feel dumb, for acting crazy.

    If they won't listen to you. If they keep cutting you off, belittling & dismissing everything you say. Then just end the conversation with: That motorcycle is part of my life now.

    Then walk away, move on to what you were going to do, if they weren't there, or if they didn't act like that.

    If they say "where do you think you're going?", "We're not done talking to you!", "Don't turn your back to me!", or whatever. Just tell them, if they are not going to listen to you, keep interrupting you, and dismissing what you say, then there's no reason to try to talk to you about this.

    If they ask:"Do you think you're tough?". Give them the most confused look you can, and say, …No??? Do you feel tough asking me that? (or)…I don't know what you mean? Why would you ask me that?…Tough enough to maintain it? Yes. Tough enough to ride in the rain & cold? Yes. Tough enough to fall off it, and get back up? Yes. Tough enough not to be afraid of it, or ignorant of the risks? Yes. If anything, a motorcycle needs me to be gentle with the controls, and I am.

    "Do you think you're grown???" I'm old enough to decide how I get around. "How???" Other options aren't good enough, that motorcycle is. It's efficient, easy to park, I don't need the room of a car, and that motorcycle doesn't make me miserable.

    If they try something like: "If you love me, get rid of it", "It's me or the motorcycle.", or, "Get rid of it, or get out."

    Then you tell them: I choose the motorcycle. You're right, it's you, you're the problem, not the motorcycle. Ok, I'll get ready to move out.

    You tell them: My needs, and my happiness, are more important to me, then ANYONE else. I will not push away what I want, and live with misery & regret, just to make everyone else happy. This is my life, not yours. And if you can't accept that. Then I don't want you in my life, dragging me down, making me depressed, just for you to feel good & satisfied.

    "You will die."

    That is not guaranteed. It's not even guaranteed I will crash. And if I do die, I will die happy.

    If they physically threaten you, or it, then get the police involved, say you will press charges, like assault, vandalism, harassment, endangerment, and theft.

    OR, even better. Be even more independent. If they physically threaten you or your motorcycle, you physically threaten them. Get a knife or some weapon, if you have to. Bring your motorcycle into your room if you can. Do not tolerate their violent levels of stupidity, ignorance, and desire to control you for their selfish benefit.

    Again, it's your life, your motorcycle, your responsibility, not theirs, or anyone elses.

    Maybe before you get it, get a lock for your room, install an alarm & tracking device in your motorcycle, disc-locks that make noise when disturbed, and a motorcycle cover.

    "What if you crash and get injured? Who's gonna pay for that???"

    If it's my fault or a freak accident, I will pay for it, with my money & credit. If I can't, the debt is my problem. If someone made me crash, they will pay, I will sue them, or make a deal with them. If I do crash, don't get involved. It's my responsibility.

    I hope all this helps all you new riders. Prepare for the worst. Not just the worst situations on the road, but also, prepare for the worst reactions, of you just having a motorcycle. Remember. If it's something you really want, then no one else matters. If someone has a massive problem with you being a rider, then cut them out of your life, and replace them with someone who doesn't care, or who genuinely likes motorcycles.

    For YOURSELF, and those who have a problem. Watch videos from this channel, and MC Rider, and motorcycle crash videos, Twist of the Wrist 2, learn & study as much as you can about motorcycle safety & skills, again, for YOURSELF, and to overwhelm others with your knowledge, just to shut them up, or at least show them that you are serious about motorcycles, and that you're not one of those shallow idiots, who just get a motorcycle to impress anyone, or look "cool".

    And if you are one of those idiots. Fucking don't be.

  11. All great points Dan. To anyone that wants to start motorbike riding that have parents or a partner that doesn't want you to have one, just go and buy one and bring it home. Like Dan said, they shouldn't be trying to control your life in anyway.

    BUT, be thoughtful about it and when you bring it home, tell them you want to talk to them and just say that you know they're only worrying about you because they love you but you're always gonna wear all proper gear whenever you go out on it and you're not gonna be stupid on the bike like doing wheelies and other stupid shit that people do on public roads because of ego.

    Just do it, but do it the right way. Don't be completely selfish about it though, remember that most of the time they genuinely care about you and love you so naturally are gonna worry, especially with parents. My Mam still tells me to be careful when she sees me in my gear off out on the bike and it's been over a year since I bought my first bike.

    Great topic.

  12. Alot of the risk is how you ride. If your constantly speeding which is a huge problem just look at many youtube videos where dudes crash because someone pulled out but they were going double the speed limit. Remember that graveyards are filled with people who were "right" just because you have the right away doesn't mean you go through an intersection expecting everyone is gonna stop for you.

  13. I love my grom125 cc I use to get back and forth to work everyday in my high traffic city.. and I even do finish carpentry.. I just leave my tools in my bosses truck.. but yes don't drink and ride not long ago an acquaintance I know crashed super drunk and riding and now he can only use half his brain…. yes start on bikes that you can learn to master then work your way up.. I also have known people fresh out of high school(20+ years ago) get brand new 1000cc no on road experience crash and die a few weeks later.. to me its bad enough just dealing with all the idiots when you ride, why be drunk and ride. I drove a car one time drunk as a teenager after that one time I knew I could never drive drunk again. I was the least drunk out of all friends and was peer pressured to drive anothers vehicle but after that I never did again. but ya I was all over the road. I think they should do dmv test, a person gets drunk but not super drunk goes on safety course with someone else not drunk who can help control the car before it go out of control, and sees how bad it really is without being blackout drunk and then will learn better about how it really is. when people hear oh you cant drive they don't believe it till they experience it. to me the bad thing is since most motorcycle deaths are at high speed or drinking.. are motorcycles really as dangerous as they make them out to be when most the deaths are kinda reckless driving.. that's why ive always hated stats.. you can learn some from them but not all unless every thing is included. but even not looking them up im 100% sure the highest death from riding is from drinking and speeding combined so if you avoid just those two together you have a lot higher chance of living. and by getting lower cc bikes you can even limit that top speed also where a lot of riders seem to die at on normal roads vs the track. I can only go 60 on the flats so I know I can still die on a grom but the thing is im not gonna be going 120+mph around a blind corner and have to react in a split second to a left or right turner which basically means death. so you take some of those crazy situations fully out the equation.

  14. I have no problem with getting a bike
    Its just my dad wont let me he told me if i buy one he will sell it and give me back my money
    And you know the messed up part he haves a freaking bike license witch makes it more confusing

  15. My dad told me one. If i ever brought home a motorbike. he was going to lie it down in the middle of the yard and drive over it with his tractor. Glad he didn't follow through on that one. lol

  16. I need my motocycle.. I dont need a wife!.. and I DAMN sure don't need to ask for permission, beg, or convince any one that I'm going to do some thing that makes me happy.. PERIOD!

  17. Good advice Dan. I second your point on always wearing gear. I went down in the canyons about a month ago, broke my tibia and fibia and suffered severe lacerations to my arm that temporarily paralyzed my hand. (it still doesn't work) Had I not been wearing a full leather race suit and my Bell helmet it would have been a lot worse! Thanks for the video.

  18. At first, my wife and daughters would show anxiety each time I left home on my motorcycle. The anxiety level has lessened as I have safely returned, time and time again. Thousands of miles under my belt, and good road strategy (and God’s help) brings me home each time safely. Every time we ride off on our motorcycles, we are taking a certain amount risk, but that is true, regarding most everything we do.

  19. What i did was stress that i will wear my gear and told my wife its better to ask for forgiveness than permission….take my class next week lol

  20. My mom is super not cool with it, and probably never will be. This comes from 40 years working with auto accidents. But she also understand that I'll continue to be one of the safest people on the road, like I am with a four-wheeler and an eighteen-wheeler. So even though she's not comfortable with it, she isn't giving me too much shit about it. My MSF course is two weekends from now 😀

  21. Thank you Dan, I posed this question a few days ago. Definitely gonna show my family a few videos from your channel so they know I'm fully serious. And that I'm learning from some one who's got some experience.

  22. I'm 19 and I can afford a little 250 with ALL the gear. Mom said if I get one I can't bring it home…. I'll only be home another month before I'm at college….

  23. How timely. I just want a scooter (150-300cc because of hills) for local errands, no freeway/highway. And I'm sure like cars, most accidents occur within 5 miles of home… And per my motorcycle friends, I will be getting top quality helmet/gear. But the wife and the daughter are giving a LOT of push back. Start my CMPS next week. We will see…….

  24. As I've said in the discord, nothing in life is safe so why let it control your decisions. I've never said riding isnt dangerous but as you have stated in your video there are ways to mitigate the danger. And you hit the nail right on the head with this video, and many many other videos… and for that thanks dan keep up the great content 👍 ride safe


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