Critical Tips For Riding A Motorcycle With A Child

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This is a serious topic and alot of people want to share their love of motorcycling with their children. Let’s do it safely!
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Comment (28)

  1. I fell asleep a few times on the back of my dad's cruiser when I was a kid. He caught me and got the bike to stop the first time. After that, it was a rude wakeup call with an elbow to the ribs or several slaps to the leg :/

  2. I'm my house the kids all want to ride with daddy. So have set an age and training we do years leading up to. I have a harness system and LS2 sells child helmets.
    Some motorcycle training programs even have them for parent and children.

  3. Dude I was at bike week in myrtle beach last week and saw a no older than a 10 year old on the back of a bike with no gear on. Flying up and down the highway. Couldn’t believe it.

  4. Martin Foster is right, come visit us in Vietnam – you’ll see things you never thought was possible on a bike – bet you didn’t know you could ride with a full size fridge on the back of your 115 cc bike while your 2-year old kid is standing in front of you)) seriously, come visit, you’ll shoot tonnes of fin stuff here. Btw – LS2 makes a very decent full face helmet for kids.

  5. No kids, no comment (Ironically) Thanks for everything you do Dan, even these touchy ones but anyone who has watched you knows it comes from a good place.

  6. An uncle took me around for a couple weeks on a bike when I was 7 or 8. He would make me wear a helmet but that's it. Scary thing is he was in a accident at 75mph about a month afterwards. Luckily he walked away unscathed.

  7. I have ridden as a passenger since i was 8 and i never fell asleep, maybe because my grandpa rode fast haha. I held onto the backrest bars when riding on his harley and held on to the sissy bars when on his f800st. Last Christmas I actually got to ride the f800st by myself in a parking lot. It was easier than i thought but i mean I’ve been riding dirt for like 8 months at that point.

  8. I remember back in the 80s, my parents would drop me off at daycare and there was this little girl—about 4 yrs old—who’s dad would drop her off on his Goldwing. While she had a helmet and jacket, etc, he strapped her car seat to the sissy bar with bungee cords. At the time I thought how cool that was; but looking back, I can’t believe he did that.

  9. My daughters have been riding with me for the past 11 years. Now they are too big to go riding with daddy. They both have full face snell rated HJC and Harley helmets made by HJC. My youngest we were scared she would fall asleep. So I would give high fives to her from time to time. Touch her knee and talk to her. She had to hold on to me.


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