Common Motorcycle Dangers And How To Avoid Them

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Let’s go through some footage and see what kind of hazards present themselves.
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Comment (9)

  1. Near the end where the truck was in the other lane, you were about a car length behind him, was like yesterday, a Jeep was there, but was tailgating the vehicle in front of him about one car length. The Jeep then started to jump into my lane saw me and stopped, it was after that I started to pass. All those tailgaters, you just know they are going to do it.

    Then this morning I had five car lengths between me and the car in front, going about 50 heading toward the beachside, this lime green ServePro car pulls over into the right lane passes me then moves into that space. They have this huge sign at Ridgewood before the Dunlawton bridge in Daytona, have for months, warning of lane closures because of work on the bridge, guess which lane lime green ServePro gets into at Ridgewood, the right lane, so now everyone who chose the left lane because the right lane on the bridge is closed has to accommodate him.

    It's a jungle out there.

  2. Space cushions good example (the wording) I was taught allow buffer zone and buffer away to allow yourself to be seen and good braking distance..hence buffer zone ..I’m from Sydney Australia ..I’ve not heard of space cushion..key word is we use is buffer and buffer zone …one word or phrase we use is very important ( head checks ) and lane ( head checks ) extremely important could be a car in yr blind area or even a large truck !
    Good video Dan 👍🏼

  3. Ok so I noticed you talking about space cushions in the video, do you believe that heavier bikes that weigh like 600lbs may need to keep more of a 2 second space than lighter bikes that may weight like 300 lbs?

  4. So I have a question when riding and going into a turn how do you keep from sliding across bark and dirt? On the 5th I slid in a turn and tucked and rolled into a field what's the best way to avoid doing that


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