Top 4 Life Saver Hacks for Motorcycle

Here are top 4 Life Saver Hacks that can save you problem big problems when you are riding your motorcycle during a Rainy or a Winter Season or else when you are riding to Leh Ladakh.

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Happy and Safe Ride Guys – Always wear a helmet


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  1. arey bhai jutaa toh kamse kam,,,,,,,,,,,, timberland pro gridwok,,,,,,,,, ley leytaa bahoot mazboot or water ressitance hai jo biker ko chahiye woh sab kuch hai koi bhi problem nahain 3 saal tak chaleygi yeh jutaa

  2. +Bulu Biker bro my suggestion : 1.nitrile gloves used in chemical handling is best for waterproofing
    2. Woolen gloves can be worn ovee normal gloves in case of cold
    3. Normal gum boots used in solvent plants or can be purchased in any hardware shops can be used for water crossing. Kindly Google it for images and U will definitely feel it practical.

  3. Great Videos always Bulu Biker 🙂 As for the gloves, I use nitrile surgical gloves. Better in many ways. Resistant to oil and petrol and best for people who have latex allergy


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