I Can't Believe People Ride Like This… / Motorcycle Accident Review #29

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Comment (11)

  1. My co-workers tend to razz me for showing up on my Harley with my gear on…guess I'm not "cool"…I think they're not cool for not riding motorcycles HA :-D. But I guess they are safer this way since if they did they wouldn't wear the gear….

  2. Well Dan, you've succeeded where my wife of 25+yrs has failed.

    Wife and I are driving down the hwy in town early this past Sunday, light traffic, a very fit young lady on her racer passes us, and we were in each other's vicinity for a bit. She's basically wearing yoga shorts and a bikini top, sandals, a common sight near us at the shore. Full face helmet at least.

    Up until not too long ago, I would have said "Niiiice!!"
    This time, I just muttered "idiot",
    lost interest and kept on going.

    So, uh…. Yeah, thanks for that.

  3. Dan thank you for your services as an EMT if it wasn’t for people like you I’d probably be dead. I ride a Yamaha zuma and I’m ready to get a real bike and will be taking the msf course mid July. This video gave me shivers because I’ve been in a similar situation as the last video who we saw the emt crash.

    I broke my C1 C2 and tree vertebrate in my therasic. I find myself more comfortable on two wheels since I’m not as cramp and Can move and stretch. Im subscribe to your discord and I found you by watching motojitsu. Is there a way to send ya a message and hopefully talk since I’m choosing to play with my life! Love ya man and if ya don’t get this in time I will make it my goal to message you personally! Have a good one boss and look forward to your reply!


  4. Its really fustrating to see all those women riding half naked just to look sexy. Those stunt female riders that only ride in a bikini at 80km/h especially. And even more sad is the fact that many male viewers encourage them to not wear gear because sex sells 😔

  5. Saw a kid riding a newer generation Vmax wearing shorts, a T shirt and sneakers. No helmet or gear. I know it's hot here in the South but all it takes is one slip up and he's done. It's amazing how riders spend $18k on a Vmax, yet won't spend $500 on proper gear.


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