How to Reset Your Pin Code – Indian Motorcycle

The Indian Motorcycle P.I.N code keeps your bike safe. If you have forgotten your P.I.N code, this video will show you how to reset the code using the master P.I.N.


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  1. How do you reset your PIN when you don't have a FOB? I use my consumer PIN to start the bike but, too many others (brother in law, neighbor, etc) know it and there's no need anymore for them to have it.

  2. Hey! How about showing us how to change that stupid PIN on the Chief Classic and Vintage model? It is completely different because the bikes without fairings don't have that stupid security light. When I try to change the code on my Vintage my horn doesn't honk. THIS SUCKS! My PIN uses all large numbers and I'd wear out my turn signal switch if I used that PIN often.


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