How To Prepare a Passenger For Their Very First Motorcycle Ride

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I always remind my girlfriend of these things, and I always make sure I follow them to be safe. Take care!

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Comment (27)

  1. Thank you for making these videos. I will be getting on for the first time. These tips have helped me so much with understanding how to have a fun SAFE ride. watching these videos have eased my worry and anxiousness about riding. I'm excited to ride with my rider. 🙂

  2. Dated a guy who rode for three years and I did get the hang of how to “ride like a sack of potatoes” from knowing nothing.. sometimes I kinda love tap him lightly with our helmets and was kinda an unsafe passenger in the good ish way? I’d grab his dick sometimes idk. Bye y’all (we wear gear and also do all the things mentioned)

  3. There's no way I'm taking advice from anybody who takes their hands off the handlebars while riding. Please dude, stop doing this! I want you to make it home buddy.

  4. Hey! I love your videos! I’m new to all of this and your videos are very helpful:) I was wondering if you could share where you guys got your girlfriends gear? I’m short and have small feet too and I’ve been having a hard time finding some. Thank you for all your awesome videos:)

  5. I have been a passenger my whole life ( since I was in diapers) and that was one of the first things I was taught was don't move nowadays I'm so still that my uncle continues to reach back to make sure I'm on the bike cuz he doesn't feel me back there had to teach my little brother how to stay straight and still took him for his first motorcycle ride through the mountains it was a blast

  6. this video is extremely informative… except this is a prime example of distracted driving…
    your a handsy talker, and your making videos on your motorcycle

  7. Great video I was never told any of this. First time I was a passenger on a bike I had grown up at times being a passenger on a push bike just sitting on the seat with my legs hanging, I told the rider I had never riden a motorcycle and never been a passenger. He just said it's fine get on and hold onto the luggage rack, didn't put the footpegs down and I had never paid any attention to passengers on motorcycle was always more interested in the bike that the riders. So we are going along at 70mph with my legs hanging and holding a flimsy plastic luggage rack, went for about 30 minutes before pulling into a petrol station tops up goes and pays and only on the way back did he say anything about the foot pegs and said I was an Idiot (may have had a point I should have noticed but first time and had always just thought pegs were break and clutch) was about 17 at the time and like I said never knew anything about bikes was first time around one and that was my experience. Thank you for the video really informative for riders and passengers.

  8. I love your videos…they are so helpful! Can you do one on parking when backing in (if you haven't already…I didn't see any)? I can't seem to line it up to get it in the parking spot especially in a busy parking lot.

  9. Why do you operate the throttle so aggressively when you switch gears?
    It’s so irritating lmao, it makes it hard to watch your content. And I fucking love your content

  10. I'm late to the party, but, great tips! A couple of more pointers, from personal experience:

    – Tell the passenger not to be scared/stiff and counterbalance the bike at very turn, nor to lean in for that matter: the best option is that the passenger stays right behind the rider's back, without taking initiative. The rider dictates the leaning and weight shifting, not the passenger.

    – Before riding, agree on some kind of "signal" in case of emergency: you might not have helmet-to-helmet comms, it might be too noisy to hear each other, so just agree on something, I usually tell my passengers to triple-tap me on the shoulder if they want me to stop for whatever reason (they need to pee, shift their weight, stretch their legs, whatever really). I might not stop for all of the emergencies, eg if they just need to shift their weight or stretch their legs, it's enough that I know they will and that it won't be sudden, maybe I'll slow down a bit or move into a "safer" lane first.


  11. YouTube does not have a video on how to handle a bike having a cargo box .The passenger will dismount before the rider . If instead of a passenger, you have a cargo box, how should the rider dismount with the box with cargo still in the box?

  12. Thank you for posting! I've small feet and am short as well – can I ask where did you find her gear? We're looking at relocating after I'm done RN School to AZ so I think something that will help tolerate the crazy heat out there would be perfect!


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