Fog Free Motorcycling Riding – Anti fog Solution

Iv tried them all, this is what Iv learned.
Shoei X2:
Respro Foggy:
Fog City:

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  1. Sorry…even the pinlock type products suck, if you ride at night (starburst effect from oncoming headlights) or in extremely cold/moist environments.
    The only thing that works is to keep the air flowing, and besides one company I've seen that has a microfan in their MX goggles….none of this shit works.
    I've been riding mostly DS bikes since 1989, all year/weather in SE Pa., even snow commuting on studded tires…I digress…nothing yet exists that really works for all combined environments. 🙁

  2. I've used most of those products too and had the same results. Respro Foggy is my no 1 fix and when fitted properly is the only anti fog solution to stop my glasses fogging, my Pinlock starts to fog a little at the bottom too after 20 odd minutes of riding and that Fogtech DX stuff is extremely fog resistant but the rainbowy haze it causes is almost unbearable. Revision fog cloth was the only wipe that sort of worked without causing weird hazy effects on the surface of my glasses.

  3. Great tips.  I really like the Fog City shield inserts but they are so hard to keep scratch free and expensive I have not used one in a number of years.  I currently use a spray like you mentioned in the video.  One negative about the stray is if rain gets inside the shield where the spray is applied it flattens out and makes everything blurry.


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