12 Important Safety Facts About Motorcycles

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Why do women riders die? What is the biggest cause of motorcycle fatalities? How do we prevent them? Let’s discuss brahs.
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Comment (24)

  1. When safety outranks freedom, motorcycles will be banned completely (28x more likely to die). Ultimately, that's the only sensible thing to do in a world that uses law to protect everyone from self risks. People's choice as to what kind of world you want to live in.

  2. Some guys wear 'chaps' – you know, like a cowboy? Then lecture about "the need to wear proper gear". Really? When you slide out, you're most likely to land on your ass which is NOT protected by leather 'cowboy chaps'. So there you are sliding down the pavement grinding through your jeans, and those leather 'cowboy chaps' aren't doing a damn thing to protect you. Laugh-MAO The only thing those leather chaps are good for is to heighten the 'kinky' sexual feeling some people get wearing leather. Bonehead.

  3. "Nearly half of all motorcycle accident fatalities occur on the weekend"… Could it be because there are exponentially more motorcyclists on the road on the weekends? We are all riders and I think that it is all of our responsibility to productively help other riders learn more about safe riding techniques. I believe that weather we are old or new to riding everyone can learn something new sometimes. I learn new things all the time.

  4. People complain about helmets and gear for various reasons, but I always tell them whatever reason they throw out there, it pretty much flies in the face of every emergency room nurse or trauma surgeon – you know, people that have seen these things and know about them.

  5. RE weekend fatalities: There are a TON of riders out around me on the weekend, hardly any during the week. Those out on the weekend I'd say 80% of them wear no gear, those out during the week (including me) are mostly wearing gear. Also weekend warriors are less likely IMO to have skills than people who are commuting and riding every day in traffic. And those riding on the weekend are a LOT more likely to be riding with a beer or six in them.

  6. I'll say, my first accident happened when I was 15 from me being stupid. I went around a blind turn and slid on grass, hit a curb, bounced at least 4ft into the air and the bike sailed out from under me. I kinda turned and looked down while effectively reverse Superman-ing over the street, smacked my ass, face and right arm on the ground and bounced before sliding to a stop. I was fine besides bruises, probably going 45-50 tops in the turn. That was 11 years ago. Full face helmet for life.

  7. Hey, DDFM, you mention percentages of those who die in accidents are ….. and various …..

    So, if 28% are riding buzzed, and 31% don't have a license, how many of that 28% and 31% are doing both?

    My thought is if you do both at the same time, or other stuff, like riding without protection, etc. etc. etc. how much MORE likely are you to ride and die?

    You know what, maybe someone who can or ought to make a small bumper/windshield/tank sticker that says:

    Be Legal, Trained,
    Protected, & Sober,
    RIDE & DIE

    I'm not pro, as is now painfully obvious, and I spent way too much time coming up with that.

    Keep making thoughtful, statistical, accurate, painful to watch idiots ride, and educational videos.

  8. 6:18 I'm not even sure the 31% who were not licensed ever had licenses. A coworker of mine road a lot even had a custom bike when he was in Texas, never had a motorcycle permit. A person in my MSF Team Oregon class had been riding for two years with no license. Including surviving a severe crash where he said he was rear ended on an interstate.

    Funny thing was out of 12 students taking the MSF basic course, four failed. Of the four that failed I'd say three of them were not taking the course seriously. Including the 'most experienced' guy who had been riding for two years who said he learned more on the street from the class, who kept saying this was just a formality, who just wanted to take the evaluation so he could ride. He failed.

    All of those who passed the basic riding course, and it was very basic, had never been on a bike before. They just took it seriously and applied the skills that were taught.

    Side note: The percentage of passing the class was exactly the same for male and female riders.

  9. Almost all accidents are because of stupid riders, riding above their skill level. I started riding almost 50 years ago, and I am still here. Had a car cut into my lane yesterday, I avoided the accident one more time in my life.

  10. your title said 'how women riders die" I thought because of stupid men drivers….I ride my own bike….I am in control…I am way smarter than most men…..just sayin……

  11. Blah Blah Blah, oops I just stalled I'm in 1st gear. Like the guy you "critiqued" for being on the phone, all this blabbering is affecting your FOCUS.
    I got about halfway through this video when I couldn't take anymore.
    There are a lot of "safety experts" out there folks. Be careful who you listen to.

  12. i've been riding for a couple of months. A guy i met at a cyclegear bike meet, riding for 6 years, told me he doesn't bother with gear other than a helmet because "you gonna die anyway if you crash, whats the point". crazy.

  13. From one Firefighter to another, please remain in 1st gear at traffic lights so you can get away in a hurry if someone in a cage comes sliding up from behind you. Ride safe brother.

  14. If it's hot and close [ humid] then some riders prefer to ride almost naked. Don't do that its upsetting for others. Gravel rash can kill. by infection. in not in terms of blood or fluid loss. so cover up. Gear with armour on will at least mitigate some degree of injury but not all. If the speed is high and lets face it a head on crash on a 50 mph road will be a crash at 100 mph so realise that whatever we hit will be travelling that fast also. That said most gear will help to mitigate slower injuries but at speed bones will be broken. The main ones are the the thigh bone , the strongest bone and in the upper leg and the hips and pelvic girdle which contains a lot of internal organs and arterial blood vessels. These are major injuries and no amount of protection will stop these bones for breaking in a serious crash.. What we can do is to ride understanding the dangers, identifying them and understanding risk and to avoid or at least mitigate their consequences them by riding with a greater degree of safety in mind. It boils down basically to more a state of mind that will actually prevent most accidents from happening. Without it one is just an organ donor. That is if the organs are not destroyed in the crash. It's up to you.

  15. About helmets. In the UK some 8% of injuries are to the brain and head and not all of them are fatal. So get ahead get a helmet on its the only safe way to ride. You know it makes sense.

  16. 28% of all riders who have died were over the legal limit but what wasn't said is that some 50% of all motorcyclists killed in incidents/collisions were found to have consumed an amount of alcohol, some not been over the limit. Those and Some riders feel therefore that having had a drink of alcohol and presuming themselves to be under the limit that they are actually safe to ride and that is not the case at all. Any amount of alcohol can impair one's cognitive abilities and one can end up an accident statistic, fatal or otherwise after just one drink or even less. Bikes and beer just do not mix.

    We have not heard just how many deaths there are on the roads in the USA. Motorcyclists annually account for about 5000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of collisions . fall offs etc. resulting in serious or slight injuries.


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