Street Bike Powered Lawn Mower – Deathwish EP1

We are pumped to be bringing you a brand new series called Deathwish. The new show stars Josh “Cadillac” Mazerolle and Erik “Fat Erik” Stacey from Vague Industries as they travel all over the Country on Epic Road Trips checking out some of the sketchiest builds you have ever seen. For the first episode they found a local guy in New Hampshire who has a Street Bike Powered Lawn Mower. If this thing isn’t a deathwish we don’t know what is! Who in their right mind builds a racing lawn mower like this? This 1000cc lawn mower features a Kawasaki KZ1000 engine. Let us know what you think of this KZ1000 lawn mower and the new show in the comments. Roadkill aint got nothing on these guys!

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  1. I don’t wanna take away how cool it is , but it sounds like it’s missing. It’s easy to not hear if you’re not familiar with those engines. I’ve owned a 750LTZ, KZ750 and a KZ1000 Eliminator. It was screaming but my uncle said Boy fix that miss. He was righty oh, one plug wire not even making contact. Then I learned to listen closer

  2. I love how were like"so cool" when we see an engine swapped go kart or whatever but when we see an actual bike doing burnouts and at 10k rpms we go"poor bike, it's getting rapped" lol


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