Matchbox Custom Restoration MB189 Caillac Allante '80's Convertible' Build Off

Welcome to my channel. In this video I do an ’80’s Convertible’ themed build off with Rob from Matchbox Garage. My 80’s convertible is a Cadillac Allante from 1987.
Check out Robs custom 80’s convertible here
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Comment (47)

  1. well I guess it is true, you can not polish a turd, an ugly car that should go directly the scrap bin forever, that said you did a nice job,but a waste of paint and time on a turd of a car.

  2. The end result is awesome, it looks amazing, although I did like the original pink paintwork, it would be a perfect addition to a girly night out, cruising around town with my friends!!.

  3. I echo what everyone else seems to have said, that pink paint job really didn't suit the original. I had it in my collection and absolutely loved the model but hated the colour! Your custom makes me view it in a totally new light, great job!


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