Matchbox 1985 BMW E30 Cabriolet – Custom Video

Hi Guys! Today is another collaboration with my mate’s Danny from Danny’s Diecast Disasters! We both agreed to create 80’s Convertibles and I hope you enjoy both videos.

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Comment (23)

  1. this is one of y fave ones yet, I have the same BMW nocking about somewhere in my box of cars, might have a dabble myself.

    where do you get your wheels, Ive got s set of black alloys with Pirelli P zeros on, which I swap between cars, but at £5 a set, its a big expense per car!

  2. Another excellent result, I do prefer the improvised window section design, it looks much better than the original four pillar set up, that’s certainly a BMW Cabrio that I would be proud to ride in!!.


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