Marvel Legends CAPTAIN AMERICA WW2 & MOTORCYCLE 80th Anniversary Action Figure Review

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  1. I think with the push of a button caps sheild should be able to turn in a circular motion and around the edges adamantium and vibranium blades should protrude from around the sheild that would make hero and villain alike to take cap more seriously also enhance the front of his motorcycle so when he put the sheild in front to act as a battle ram, give him a jet backpack and let him make use of modern military weapons like bazookas, m16,grenades ,army tanks, and F15 fighter jets

  2. I believe this Cap is supposed to be a version of the Ultimate Captain America. He is seen with this type of outfit complete with the brown leather aviator-type helmet in the first issue of The Ultimates.

  3. Completely different figure from the original WWII Cap, but this one looks like it shares parts with the Cap/ Peggy Carter 2 pack, including the guns, which are painted better in the 2 pack for some reason. I can't wait to get all the 80th anniversary stuff. I'm jealous.


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