LESSON – How to ride at night in the dark.

Due to popular demand, some advice on night riding. Remember, if going out for a long time to maybe take some warmer clothing with you as the temperature can drop quite a bit. Don’t eat too much food as this could make you drowsy. Fruit or a light snack is better. Best watched in 720p



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  1. One thing you did miss is on right turns esp blind ones watch out for the white lines do not get too close. Because at night time esp when the roads are empty cars like to speed, therefore they often can pass that white line putting bikers in danger

  2. I might add – a good well adjusted headlamp. It does not have to be super-bright but does need a good beam for seeing with, wide enough to see the edges and far enough.

  3. It's not just me then I do tend to ride slower than I would in daylight only thing I find is when cars are behind me I subconsciously feel like I should speed up, also I wear glasses I get a star burst effect was thinking of getting a slight yellow tinted ones would that help ? Cheers for The video all ways informative

  4. The reason things disappear at night when you stare directly at them isn't the blind spot. It's because there are only cones in the center of your eye and no rods. Looking to the side lets you use your rods which work better in low light.

  5. Excellent video, as usual! I really enjoy night riding for the same reasons you point out at the end of the video, At night the roads are quiet and free, very little traffic. I find that the best nights to go out riding are Sunday through Wednesday nights, as the likelihood of drunk drivers on the road is smaller too. I avoid riding Friday nights for that reason.

  6. If in australia watch out for kangaroos, they hurt, I know. Kangaroos are now in plague proportions and in areas they weren't before. On roads of more than two lanes where appropriate i ride as far from the edge of the road as possible so i get more warning of a roo coming.

  7. Thank You.  I am a Rider Coach for MSF here in America and some of the tips you share I use in our course and some are new to me.  I try them and pass them along.  You keep us thinking and help me be aware that riding is Darwinian the good and safe riders tend to reproduce good riders and live longer!  Keep the tips coming!

  8. This is has been a great video for me. I just passed my mod 2 yesterday and went out on a 500 at night for the first time. Night riding never bothered me before on a 125 that struggled to get to 50-55mph so I never really had to adjust my speed, but on the 500 I thought I was being stupid by not wanting to go over 45 in the dark (It was a 60 road). This video has helped a lot and now I know that it doesn't make me a 'worse' rider for wanting to go slowly at night. Thanks.

  9. Hey there, just to say great informative video, very useful to people like me who have only been riding for a year, looking forward to doing my direct access, and will definitely be getting one of those rear mirrors. Retro

  10. Love your vids mate…even though I live in the states, still the general safety rules of riding apply the same, so I follow your vlogs whenever you put them out. Ride safe my friend and again thank you for your valued instruction and tips…I put them into practice and I find almost always you are right on.

  11. Thanks for your videos and your tips, I am only just back on a bike after quite a few years abcsent and even tho one never forgets how to ride a bike, I realised how much I had forgotten after watching some of you vlogs, which in turn has encouraged me to find a suitable instructor so as I can get a few refresher lessons. So once again thank you and keep videos coming.

  12. I've found that another thing that helps at night is anti-glare polarized glasses. They make a huge difference, even when there's rain all over my visor and a cager coming at me on a 2-lane forgets to dim their headlights.


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