|Injector Testing at Home in Hindi| |Before and after cleaning Injectors| #carvalueservices

I am Nitin Tanwar, I am an Automobile Engineer.
Welcome to my YouTube Channel-Car Value Services.
Video shows how easily I diagnosed that my car’s injectors are dirty for which I took some steps to found that the minor hunting, missing is checked.

About this video:-

Please watch the full video to cover content related to the subject, Recently Toyota launched Glanza which is more of a Maruti Baleno, Video states the points that are worth knowing before buying the cars. please do subscribe, like and comment in my Video. I will definitely respond to your comments answering all your queries.
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About this channel:-
Friends, Watch my videos covering the easy solutions, precautions, and new features in Automobiles service and maintenance. I am trying to cover the most information and always thriving to bring the latest technology, uncover scams and services related to Automobiles. Please consider Subscribing to my channel to support my cause, like and share my videos so I can grow my channel and reach masses.
Thanks for your patience being here

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